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  1. M

    VF Calais Front Fog Light Guard Shroud

    Hello My drivers side fog light was reversed into and the shroud (guard flasher?) has been cracked. I cannot find a chrome colour replacement anywhere. Can anyone else assist? Thanks Matt
  2. zak Micheal

    Looking for VE Parts (341N)

    Looking for VE Commodore RH Guard in Color Code (341N) Orange. If anyone have seen this colour on any wrecking yard? I have already search ebay and gumtree for this but no luck. THIS COLOR
  3. J

    Guard Rolling Issue

    I have ordered 20x10 rear wheels and my ve sv6 is lowered on king springs sssl all round... I have a strong feeling I'm going to need to not only stretch tyres to get them to fit, but roll my rear guards at least as well... The problem is... one of my rear guards has had repairs done and...
  4. duckmeist3r

    [NSW] WTB: VT/VX front right guard in white & blinker cover

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: WTB: VT/VX front right guard in white & clear indicator cover. LOCATION: NSW- Newcastle/Maitland CONDITION: As good as possible DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I'll travel a reasonable distance for pickup- just ask. Else I'll pay shipment. PAYMENT OPTIONS...
  5. iaydemir

    [VIC] FS - Brand new pair of genuine VZ SS indicators

    ITEM: Brand new pair of genuine VZ SS indicators LOCATION: VIC, Northern Suburbs CONDITION: New PRICE: $50 firm with postage / $40 pick-up DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick-up or can be posted anywhere in Aus. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, 0421499010...
  6. S

    VT Side indicator looms

    Doods, Replaced a side indicator bulb the other day and noticed the connectors are covered in electrical tape. The bulb will only work when pushed in slightly sideways and not all the way, so it's basically a dodgy loom that previous owner has 'fixed'... Are the side repeater looms...
  7. A

    VS Calais versus Executive/Berlina Fender

    Hey guys I'm brand new to just commodores and have just bought a VS Calais with a crushed right hand front guard. Just wondering if the whole shape and size of the calais guard is the same as the normal executive and berlina ones so i know what donor car I can get to suit fixing up my Calais...
  8. S

    VT Front wheels sitting too far forward.

    Hi all. I have a 2000 Olympic Edition VT. But my front wheels sit too close to the front of the bumper and it rubs against the guard as i turn corners. It has burnt away all the guard and is now starting to eat into the winscreen liqiuid resevoir. Any idea what could be causing this?