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  1. C

    Handbrake Issue

    Hey guys after a bit of advice I have a 2002 vx ss and I notice the handbrake not holding as well as it used to this started a month or so ago and now when I put it on sometimes it holds as it should and other times you can feel the car move slightly as if it hasn't done it's job properly, when...
  2. Z

    VT - Replacing the Handbrake Cable

    The other week I had to replace my original factory fitted cable after 18 years. Doing a bit of research I see mixed posts about replacing it so here are some Q&A for a 1999 VT Equip. 1. Yes you need to remove the console. Why? - the handbrake cable runs in a metal tube with a flange, the...
  3. Z

    VT Handbrake Lever (cable broken?)

    I have a 1999 VT Equip Sedan (Series II?) purchased from new. Ive been doing my own services for the last 10 years so nothing is a showstopper for me. Latest issue is the handbrake broke when I lent it to my girlfriend. The Handbrake Lever appears to now go right up 90 degrees and no hence no...
  4. D

    WH Handbrake adjustment cog...should i need a hammer to move it even slightly?

    Hi all!! :) I went through 14 pages of searching for "handbrake" and wasn't able to find an answer to this specific question so thought i'd start a new thread. The handbrake on my WH is loose as a goose. If i reef is all the way up the car will still slowly roll in either direction and even...
  5. J

    Hown to loosen off handbrake

    Hey all. I had a mate service my car and change my brake pads and tighten my handbrake for me 2 weeks ago. Since then, after having it in park and taking off after being in park, my handbrake makes a thump after I release it and only after I start taking off. Anyone know what this could mean? Or...
  6. J

    Hand brake jammed. How to remove centre console.

    The centre rod of the handbrake handle has slipped back down and become jammed in the handbrake mechanism. I'm guessing I have to remove the centre console to get to it but I can't see how to. I have removed the 2 bolts at the rear under the "junk storage" but can't see how or where to free the...
  7. B-T-GiZzLe

    Replacing DVD player handbrake wire

    Good morning, Many moons ago when I had a DVD player installed in my VX (Series II Berlina Sedan) I was young and silly and asked the installer to bypass the handbrake wire to allow me to watch DVD's while the car was moving. I believe they earthed it somewhere. I haven't used the DVD part of...
  8. B

    hand break keeps locking on

    Mr vr ss manual was in gear with the handbreak up and I dumped the clutch with the handbrake still on and it felt like my diff fell out but it didn't and now wen I try to drive my hand break will lock on here an there without it even pulled up how do can I fproblem
  9. A

    VN Commodore Handbrake Broken, but have the spring to fix it.

    Hey, having trouble with my VN Commodores 1990 handbrake. Originally the button got stuck and the handbrake was stuck partially on. Managed to "sort it out" (pulled the cable in the handbrake to disengage it). I do have the spring for the handbrake. So i guess what I'm trying to say...
  10. J

    VU Ute Handbrake adjustment

    Hi all Just looking to tighten the handbrake on my VU ute. I was changing the fuel filter as well so I had a look underneath the back and couldn't see anywhere to adjust the cables. Drawing below outlines what I saw of the handbrake lines. There was nowhere on these cables and sleeves that...
  11. B

    Handbrake re positioning?

    can anyone give me advice on moving handbrake from the center, next to the drivers seat?
  12. C

    VE 08 MY09 Commdore Omega >handbrake adjust?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on adjusting the hand brake on VE 08 MY09 Commdore Omega Cheers
  13. F

    Handbrake wiring for DVD player

    Hi all, I'm wondering where the easiest place is to connect a pioneer dvd players hand/parkbrake wire is? Where does the positive wire from the handbrake run to? Can I find this wire somewhere under the dash or near the gear stick etc? (I have access to these at the moment and hope to be...
  14. VjamesY

    Need Help!! Major problem with Brakes

    Ok guys, ill give you a run down on the activities of my car today and the problems that have arose. Today was hot! So I drove to the beach with mates in my VY with the car running perfectly. Didnt thrash it at all just cruised along but it was a long drive (around 1 hour 15 min). As I...
  15. I

    VT '99 - Brake/Handbrake Problem

    '99 VT Commodore Acclaim - Driving the other day , it started making a sound like a flat tyre, i checked the tyres and no flat. When i started the car again the brake warning light was on (handbrake was off), after pulling handbrake on and off and working the brake pedal for about 30 seconds the...
  16. spokkeh

    Handbrake Trouble

    Hey guys, I just encountered a problem with my handbrake. I tried to put it on and I could hear the brakes go on but it will not 'lock in'. The button stays depressed all the time and it won't stay locked by itself. It's always been a bit of a bastard since I got the car, very difficult to put...
  17. Jest3r

    [VZ] Replace Handbrake with Satin Chrome

    HOW TO: Replace Handbrake with Satin Chrome What you Need Small Flat head Satin Chrome replacements About 20 minutes Stock STEP 1 - Removal of cover (1) Place the small flat head screwdriver under the read of the original black cover and lift up and forwards. STEP 2 -...
  18. speed__demond

    hand brake cover vr

    i have a vr commodore and i always add and change things in it but the thing that has been getting on my nerves lately is the rubber handbrake cover. i want to put a nice one on it. ive looked in autobahn and supercheap but the only ones ive seen are too long to fit. does anyone know...