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  1. L

    Extra connector plugs each side of engine

    Can anyone please tell me what these are for and where they go?? 1x each side of engine MY05 6cyl auto
  2. Erichpiller

    LSI stand alone loom info needed

    Hi all, does anyone have the relevant information to unpin the harness to make it stand alone struggling to find accurate information on how to do this for the Australian harness
  3. M

    VS Engine Harness Removal

    Hi peeps, new to the forum so g'day. Currently in the process of removing the 5 litre out of my VS ute. In regards to the engine harness, the manual I have says to disconnect it from the ECM just underneath the glove box and pull it through the fire wall... Once I disconnect it from the ECM...
  4. L

    VT Head Unit Wiring Issue

    Howdy! I've got a '98 VT Commodore Sedan (Acclaim I think). A couple weeks ago, my car was broken into and my headunit, amps, sub and hilariously bootliner (as it was attatched to the sub via a strap) are gone. Anywho, I'm looking to put something in on a budget, and found a sub and an...
  5. Mzil

    Headunit Short out/Fuse problem

    Today i was trying to switch over a head unit in my VS. I had all the power wiring cut off from the old harness onto the new one just to test the new one. Anyway it all worked fine up until one of the wires touched the metal on the inside of where the head unit sits. This caused a spark then...
  6. Abdul

    Ve rear aux wiring harnesses

    Hi guys, I tried looking for wiring harnesses for audio and video for the rear AUX (VE) at many stores but had no luck. I found a website that sells them for $80 which is too much for what it is. My question is if I was to get these wiring harnesses in, and started selling them, would there be...