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  1. K

    VR runs rough, electrical issue

    Hi All, Hoping for a bit of advice with a new issue on my VR v8. Recently got it back from the Panel beaters, got a door replaced and the front bumper done as well thanks to a little old lady reversing into it. Anyhoo, Got it back and she was driving fine, almost home and went to press...
  2. V

    EMERGENCY! elec problem

    Hey guys, had my car detailed, and now the: horn, hazards and windscreen wipers don't work checked fuses seem to be alright any ideas? thanks in advance for your help!!! :D
  3. M

    VR Indicators not working

    I just bought a VR Series 2, and the indicators have just stopped working, Ive checked the fuses and made sure all relays etc are good, and they are, any one got any ideas as to what has happened? Hazard lights dont work either. Any help would be reat, thanks