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  1. J.Burg

    Ute questions

    Gday guys I had a few questions about my ute and modifications that I’m doing to it Can I put a ve or vf senator front bar and grill and my non hsv vf ute? Am I able to lowering springs out of a vf wagon and put them into my ute or are they different? Can I fit a ve HDT aero spoiler on a vf...
  2. V

    VR HDT Statesman

    Hey guys just bought a vr statesman and was going through receipts when I found receipts for some hdt work down at bill Lee autos. Only thing it said was new gearbox to hdt specs but I also found dyno sheets from a few years later claiming 150rwkw which seemed a little high for a 5 litre. Has an...
  3. HDTLS3 VF2 SS


    I put some photos up before of my VF2 SS Black Edition but now with the decals ita finished. And yes I know it needs to be lowered, that will happen soon. Just wanted to showcase my pride and joy for all you SS lovers outh there. Ive included a photo of one of the real vf hdt blue meanie as a...
  4. N

    My 2016 VF SS Black Edition

    Hi guys, its my first post here and just wanted to share my 2016 SS Black Edition. Its not completely done yet, ive still got the old school decals and a hdt badge to go on and my new number plate [HDTLS3] is on its way. Just wanted to hear some feedback to see if everyone else likes it as much...
  5. VK Group C replica road car

    VK Group C replica road car

    I was back in Aus last week & pulled the old girl out of storage, gave her a clean, lowered the rear, added a couple of new decals.
  6. A

    Value of VK HDT Momo Star wheels

    Hi guys, I've got a set of 16 x 7 HDT Momo Star wheels on an old VK sitting in the shed and I'm just wondering what they might be worth. The rims could do with a bit of a tidy up but they're in otherwise good condition. Any suggestions? Cheers
  7. P

    [SA] Wanted VL Calais V8 - South Australia

    ITEM: Wanted VL Calais V8 LOCATION: SA - metro suburbs CONDITION: Very good to excellent condition PRICE: Negotiable based on individual vehicle specs and condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Back Cheque, Direct Deposit, Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Please...
  8. V

    Vh ss model vh8vk69-xv2 group 3 or not ???

    Hi Guy's I have just bought a vh ss and I am trying to work out if it is a group three or not any help would be appreciated model VH8VK69-XV2 body 581839-A trim 1980-79T paint 1F 075-D built DEC 82 ENG L31 TRANS M21 AXLE GU4 I have been told the vh built either side of this...
  9. W

    HDT or MACE Tune?

    Hey guys just considering what tune to go with I went to HDT yesterday and they want $800 to tune my sv6 sidi ute or MACE ONLY charge $550 for there flash tune and ghost cam set up, would love to hear people oppions on both? I will be getting a orssom OTR aswell before the tune :)
  10. salute the ute

    HDT Improved

    Anyone know what the special conditions are for the HDT Improved badge ? The link is here: HDT OFFICIAL WEBSITE Thanks guys
  11. J

    [ACT] VL walkinshaw group a ss model

    ITEM: VL Group A SS walkinshaw model LOCATION: act CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make a offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: delivery at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: bank deposit or cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email, [email protected] OTHER INFO: is in used condition and not in a...

    VH SLE 2 tone blue/silver codes

    just looking for some help with the codes for a vh sle. they are model- vh8vx69-382 trim 1981-27y paint 1b 002-b built may 82 eng-l31 trans- m40 axle- g70 mainly after the trim code as i have found out 382 is a 308. getting ready to rebuild this car and need to know if...
  13. R

    vc dash light

    Hi; Just bought vc commy; and the lion on the dashboard keeps flashing on and off, it sometimes stays constantly on, I have no idea what it means, It dosn"t seem to effect anything. Any Ideas? 1980 vc converted to, 253v8 m21 gearbox salisbury diff Cheers Rob