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head lights

  1. M

    Strange Radio Behaviour

    Hi there, I've owned my 2006 Commodore Wagon for a little over a year now and it's been an absolute gem, but the radio/cd and lights have always acted a little weird, and gotten worse over time. My first issue was that when I would keep the auto lights function ON, the backlight for the...
  2. M

    HID 6000K VF 2015

    Hey all first post on here i have 3 ve' commodores and 1 vf I baught hid kit for my vf sv6 2015 and during installing and testing all went okay however when i connected the two hid and came to test again they flickered on and off and then off and fault light came on dash HELP.....
  3. B

    whats up with the left headlight?

    can u see whats up with the the vt's left headlight? (all globes are in)
  4. H

    VZ SS Lights into a VZ V6

    Got a vz v6 ute but was thinking of getting a SS bumper and changing the head lights while i was there, just wondering if the SS lights are a straight swap wiring and size wise? Cheers! Sorry if this is a repeat found a few threads for VY's but not for VZ's, spose it would be the same but...
  5. AlX

    [QLD] VY - VZ Leather Seat, Head Lights, Suspension, Front Grille, Mud Flaps

    ITEM: VY - VZ Leather Seat, Head Lights, Suspension, Front Grille, Mud Flaps LOCATION: QLD, Brisbane CBD or 15min wet of CBD CONDITION: Refer below PRICE: Refer below Pick up, postage will be extra on top of the item cost PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD or Funds Transfer CONTACT:Feel free to call/SMS...
  6. D

    Vt front bumper

    Hey, do i have to take the front bumper off to get the front lights? If so is it hard? And how are the spot lights wired? Do they just clip off? Cheers

    New headlights and install?

    Hey, Getting a bit sick of my stock yellow headlights, wouldn't mind something brighter and more white or white/blue colour. I heard that 'Philips Ultra Vision' are great buys? Only problem is that: a) I can't find a store that sells them. b) How do you change the headlight bulbs on your car...
  8. C

    [ACT] VY Head and Tail lights

    ITEM: VY Head and tail lights. These are not the tinted lights LOCATION: Theodore ACT CONDITION: Used, came off my car when it had done 120,000 km PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pickup from Theodore ACT, will post at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash...
  9. N

    Headlight on with ignition on feature on a 2006 Holden VZ

    Hi everyone, Is it normal to have "headlights on with ignition on" feature on a 2006 Holden VZ? I have a decal next to my light switch which says the above quoted and I can't turn the headlights lights off completely when the ignition key is switched on. However, when the car is turned off...
  10. jonwilliams76

    SS Head lights & Tail lights

    A few of you guys have suggested that I get SS Head lights and Tail lights but I cannot seem to find photo's to see the difference..... Can you guys please help and post some Pic's... Of either suggestion's or your of your own photo's