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head unit

  1. S

    VZ head unit installation

    Having so much trouble getting my head unit out. Can't seem to find any screws to make it budge, besides the tiny ones that are internal and backwards! Taken three screws from beneath the bottom trim, but no use. What do I do?
  2. S

    Steering Wheel Control Stopped Working

    Hi all, I bought a new headunit to go in my VY and i decided to get all the plug and play packs so i dont run into any issues...but Upon connecting everything together my steering wheel controls are no longer working so can someone point me in the right direction on what to troubleshoot? All i...

    Head Unit turns off sometimes opening door?

    I have a VY SS ute and my head unit (and previous head unit) will turn off when I open door with key removed but only sometimes. Can anyone shed light on this please?
  4. Cuzzy69

    Solution to vn-vs double din. 9 inch fitted in stock location

    hi guys i bought a 9inch screen off ebay full android for 175 bucks. has a single din back and fits great. it need to be screwed to the plastic insert from behind then fitted. you will need to cut plastic out of the way from the car insert but easy with a dremel. if you buy one its very self...
  5. B

    VF Touchscreen not working

    Hi all, My 2013 VF SV6's touchscreen hasn't worked since I bought the car a month ago. The screen reacts when I touch it (takes me to a settings page), but I am unable to select anything or use it normally. Everything else on the head unit works fine. Any ideas? I have considered buying a used...
  6. Hayden200

    Car won’t start after changing series 1 radio to series 2 head unit

    hey so I just changed my commodore ve Ute 2010 series 1 headunit to a series 2 headunit and I went to turn my car on after I finished installing it all and the car would not even click to start it just came up with all these messages on the cluster saying: Break! Abs fault Airbag fault...
  7. N

    HELP! Head Unit leading to battery drain!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong forum but recently I've installed a Kenwood DDX4018bt head-unit into my 2005 VZ SV6 and all was great until I noticed a few days later it drained the battery, so I changed it up and alas, it drained again. Not only does it seem to be drawing...
  8. L

    Aftermarket head unit options VE SSV

    Well the Blaupunkt has finally carked it so I'm looking for suggestions for a single din head unit. I have JBL GTO638's in the four doors (which sound fantastic). Would prefer something that integrates with the steering volume control, have pre-outs for the Kenwood KAC-M3004 amp (or be powerful...
  9. J

    VZ head unit broken ?

    The Head unit of my wagon 2005 VZ executive doesn't work properly it turns on but the radio doesn't make a sound and it seems like there is a cd stuck inside because the display says CD IN but i can't get it out and it's also not making a sound. Does anyone know how i could fix this problem...
  10. J

    2012 VE s2 head unit and aircon not working

    I went to start my car the other day the head unit screen is black and the aircon is blowing full ball cold the buttons for the aircon don’t work. The hazards don’t either. No sound etc comes through. I’ve disconnected the battery for 15 minutes when turning the car back in the aircon will stop...
  11. V

    What is PWM+/- on a OEM head unit?

    Not sure if right place. And sorry, but this is on a Barina not a commodore :(. But hopefully, someone can help! I just bought an aftermarket head unit and went to wire it in a TK Barina. The harness I bought is missing some of the pins that the car has. One of those is PWM- . There is a pin...
  12. J

    VS electric aerial issue

    Hi Guys, I've got an issue with my vs aerial. The height can be controlled by the buttons under the radio but it does not stay in position as it will retract all the way as soon as I release either up or down button. It is connected via a Pioneer deck, which I have read to cause potential...
  13. H

    VE SV6 / Calais Head Unit Conversion

    Hey Guys, Wondering the possibility to change the Head Unit in a VE SV6 to a Calais Head Unit. Anyone know any places in the ACT or even up to Sydney that will do it. Or is it better to buy one of Gumtree and find someone to install it?
  14. S

    VE Commodore STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS for aftermarket headunit

    First off, I have done plenty and plenty of scouring of googling and the search function of this forum but to no avail. I know people have done glove box head unit installs before, but does anyone know the compatibility of the stock steering wheel controls working with any of these installs...
  15. D

    VE Series 2 Head Unit fuse

    In the process of installing an Amp in my VE Ute, After connecting it all up the Head Unit wont power on. Air con still comes on but is unadjustable. Thinking it may be a blown fuse but all of the fuses in the fusebox are good. Is there a separate fuse for the head unit I can check? Cheers
  16. A

    Lacklustre bass after IQ Upgrade

    I've just completed a head unit upgrade on my '07 Omega, using the head unit from a series II SS ute (not sure exact model/year). I have installed Alpine SPR-60C splits in the front left and front right speakers, and before the head unit upgrade everything sounded great. However, since the...
  17. A

    Toyota 120 Prado head unit into VZ?

    So I'm looking to upgrade the head unit in my VZ SV6. My father recently upgraded the head unit in his 120 Prado so he now has a factory 120 Prado double din head unit lying around. Does anyone know if it'll work in my VZ? I know I'd need to get a fascia, adapters, etc.
  18. bigboytom

    ve ss head unit

    I want to install a VE SSV head unit in to my VE SS and i want to know if the is anything i need to do the change the head unit
  19. moocow

    Cd stacker with aftermarket head unit

    Hey guys, I've just bought a wh statesman and it has a 10 CD stacker with the factory cassette head unit. Just wondering if there's a way to install an aftermarket head unit and still use the stacker? Is there a separate controller available? The head unit I want doesn't have a disc tray...
  20. some_evil

    Blaupunkt NY800 Head Unit - No Bluetooth/phone Audio

    Hi All, I have a NY800 headunit by Blaupunkt, just recently the head unit stopped playing the audio from my connected phone. The phone connects via bluetooth fine, I can make a call and receive calls and they display on the HU no worries, but there is no audio coming through speakers when...
  21. danielnitschke

    Installing Microphone - Wire through A Pillar?

    Hey Guys! Looking to install an external microphone that needs to plug/feed into the back of my head unit that I've already installed. I've read everywhere that it simply just goes down through the A Pillar, but how do I run the wire through to get through to where the head unit loom is...
  22. L

    VT Head Unit Wiring Issue

    Howdy! I've got a '98 VT Commodore Sedan (Acclaim I think). A couple weeks ago, my car was broken into and my headunit, amps, sub and hilariously bootliner (as it was attatched to the sub via a strap) are gone. Anywho, I'm looking to put something in on a budget, and found a sub and an...
  23. S

    VE Series 1 SV6 Head Unit Upgrade

    I'm pretty good with head units and stuff but I've never done anything on any models past VY so I'm gonna need some help on this one Just got a VE Series 1 SV6 and was wondering if its possible to upgrade the base head unit (no screen) to the stock one with the screen display, while still being...
  24. D

    Removal of Head Unit - Help

    Hello, I have been researching ways of removing the factory head unit from my Commodore wagon for a week now, so I thought I'd have a go at doing it myself today and boy was it a lot harder than what it appeared on Youtube. At the moment I can't remove the head unit. I've seen and read about...
  25. B

    Really need help to choose audio system.

    I'm looking to add two front 6" speakers and a sub woofer. I wish to connect the speakers to the amplifier along with the sub woofer. The amplifier will be put in the boot so size isn't a massive issue. There are two 6" speakers at the rear of the car which I am unsure as to whether or not i...
  26. P

    VL Sony head unit not working

    Hey guys first time posting, i've recently just bought a VL Berlina and I've been trying to wire up an aftermarket head unit (Sony xplod). Anyway all I'm worried about at this point of time is powering the actual head unit and not the speakers so please dont tell me i have to rewire all of the...
  27. S

    Fitting Nexus 7 Tablet as a head unit

    Considering fitting a Nexus 7 Tablet into my VT Calais as a replacement for the stock double DIN head unit. Does anyone have any idea roughly how much effort this would involve/how much it would cost? Or is there anyone who has done the same or similar that could point me in the right direction...
  28. S

    [VIC] For Sale: Genuine VE Series 1 SS-V Head Unit with paired HVAC Control Module & AUX-In

    LOCATION: Victoria, North-western suburbs DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred. Delivery may be organised at buyers expense. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD (Alternate payment methods can be organised) CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Here is what the Head Unit looks like installed in...
  29. M

    Holden VE Calais V satnav

    I purchased a 2007 Holden VE Calais V luxury from a dealership a couple of days ago, and tried to access the satnav function on the head unit. Upon doing this, a message came up, saying "full map navigation not available" I was wondering how I could reset the head unit or fix this bug?
  30. V

    VT Berlina - Mods and Faults

    Hey guys, another noob to the forum. Quick overview, im 16, got my L's, have a Lancer but want to get rid of it cause it dies on hills and i want a bigger car with more power. I am an absolute Holden nut, my father converted me when i was little showing me all his old cars - HT Monaro's and...
  31. B

    Power not reaching fusebox on steering wheel stereo fuses 16 and 23

    Hi all first thread :) And firstly i have searched alot and cant find an answer.. (have always found everything before hence first thread :) ok well i was wiring an aftermarket head unit to my 2002 vx clubsport when i shorted it out... (which was something stupid i now fixed) went to...
  32. D

    VE Ute 2012 SV6 Wiring of Head Unit for Amp

    Hi, I'm installing after market amps and speakers in my ute, I need to find a wire that goes live when the head unit turns on and am having difficulty finding it. Does anyone know how to connect up after market amps or have any thoughts on this? I've tried to find a wire that goes live when...
  33. M

    vx electrical problem help!

    well it all started about a month ago. the problems with my car are - fog lights switch off while driving then switch back on. no power running to my head unit, when head unit was working always used to restart when i used to put indicators on or lights on. alarm goes off randomly when car...
  34. Mzil

    Wiring/Fuse Problem with Head unit

    Today i was trying to switch over a head unit in my VS. I had all the power wiring cut off from the old harness onto the new one just to test the new one. Anyway it all worked fine up until one of the wires touched the metal on the inside of where the head unit sits. This caused a spark then...
  35. P

    New Sony head unit wont turn on after installation in VS Commodore?

    Hi guys, this is the first time I have tried to install a head unit on my vs commodore and I have just finished connecting all the wires together for my new Sony CDX-GT615UV head unit. But it's not doing anything its like its not getting any power at all or like its dead. I have checked the...
  36. B

    Reverse Wire for Head Unit

    Hey guys, Anyone know of a +12v Reverse wire near to the Centre Console (preferably fairly accessible) I can use while wiring up my head unit for a Reversing Camera? Preferably pics or a wire colour would be helpful. Cheers, Beefy 2001 VX Berlina V6 Auto Sedan
  37. S

    VZ Steering Controls

    Hi there I have been reading a lot of threads on here trying to find the answer to my question but havent had much luck... I have purchased a Philips CED1900BT head unit to replace my stock HU. It allows me to connect up my steering controls directly without any adapters needed. At the back...
  38. B

    04 Monaro Sound equipment swap

    Ok so its not exactly commodore related, but for the last 5 years i have owned a 98 VT commodore S and have been a member for quite some time. I recently upgraded to an 04 Monaro Gen II and im looking to put most or all the sound equipment from my VT into the Monaro before i sell it off. What...
  39. J

    Vy/vz stereo with RCA+iPod interface.

    Hey every one. I have my wife's vy that I'm wanting to mod the stereo. Don't realy wanna spend $700 on the mods but don't want a crap looking stereo In the car. If wound some one with a head unit already modded with the RCA out and aux done by preddy for $70 I'm just wondering if any of u have...
  40. DavoTheGreat

    JVC 2011 - 2012 head unit poor bluetooth audio quality

    Hi All, I installed a JVC KW-XR816 into my VZ Clubsport back in March and for the most part I'm pleased with the unit. What I'm not so happy about is I receive a number of complaints from people on the other end of bluetooth phone calls saying I sound like I'm talking in a drain or other...