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  1. TrickyH

    Cam and head before and after dyno

    Hi, just for fun, any guesses what HP and rwkw I’ll end with after having Hi-torque performance do a cam (224/230) and cnc head package (no stally, keeping stock) done on my car? I have a 2009 VE SSV AUTO L76. Current engine mods- 2.5” S/Steel KPM catback / Hi flow cats / Pacemaker headers...
  2. Mr_Upgrader

    Ve Series 2 Berlina sportswagon - Headlight Flicker

    Hi all, I have a weird one I'm hope you can help.. The problem is that.. Driving while with Headlights / fogs are on and braking in D my Headlight / fogs flicker with fogs on or off same result this occurs at about the 30-20k mark.. If I slip from D-N the issue does not occur... Im yet to map...
  3. ReaperTBS

    2010 Calais - Head Unit

    Hi all, I've checked the manual, checked online, and checked in person, but still can't seem to determine exactly what model my head unit is in my 2010 Calais. I think it's the series 1 "IQ" head unit, but i'm honestly not sure. I'm considering changing head units, primarily because (due to...
  4. I

    RB30e Cracked Head / Head Gasket

    Hey. My vl has a cracked head and buggered gasket. It is currently chemwelded so that it is driveable but i need to fix it before i end up blowing up my engine or something. Only problem is i dont really know what parts i need and what parts can be saved. Ill need a new head gasket + what else...
  5. stevebutler

    I've had enough.

    Right i've had enough with this stupid VT. Can anyone think of any part of the car that could be causing the highbeams to draw small amounts of power from the passenger low beam (when the high beams are off), and only the drivers side highbeam to work (passenger low beam dimming at the same...
  6. stevebutler

    How can genuine parts not fit?

    I've had recent troubles with my headlights (which were aftermarnet, and fit perfectly) which are detailed in other threads of mine. I purchased what i was told are GENUINE second hand lights from city dismantlers. They don't fit properly, it's as if theyre not quite big enough leaving a gap...
  7. Gilly91

    Price for reconditioned T5 and head fix

    I was just wondering if anyone woud know what sort of price I would be looking at for a reconditioned T5 for a VS and to get the engine head fixed. The gearbox works but is very noisy, and I think I have a cracked head? Symptoms are: radiator using coolant, stalls on cold start, when driving...
  8. S

    vs head gaskets

    hi i just changed the head gaskets in my v6 vs commodore put it all back to gether and there is still water getting in the oil...any suggestions?
  9. sik_VR

    93 VR Berlina Head Unit

    I just got a head unit but I don't know how to get the dash and the face off.
  10. S

    VY Head Unit Removal

    I bought my new sound system but am not going to put it all in at once because I have no idea what I am doing and I don't have money left to get it installed by a pro. Instead I just want to take it one piece at a time, starting with the head unit. I tried once and failed at removing it, I read...
  11. C

    [ACT] VY Head and Tail lights

    ITEM: VY Head and tail lights. These are not the tinted lights LOCATION: Theodore ACT CONDITION: Used, came off my car when it had done 120,000 km PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pickup from Theodore ACT, will post at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash...