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  1. V

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? ?

    Are vy sedan headers and y peice the same as a vy ute? I know the exhaust from the cat back are different just can't seem to find anything on here to see if the headers and y peice are the same or different?
  2. D

    Performance parts install

    Hey guys I just purchased some headers (1 3/4) for my VE 6.0, which should bolt directly on to my 2.5" xforce catback system. Was wondering if anyone knew of a decent workshop/mechanic who installs aftermarket parts for a reasonable price and quality. Located in Western Sydney, cheers.
  3. Kiwifolk

    VZ Calais LS1 Power Steering Rack return line issues

    HI all, has anyone else had issues with their headers rubbing on the power steering return line? I am onto my third setup in 4 weeks. My latest setup doesn't fit either unfortunately. I am running Coby Headers and they rub on the hose. Under load with a couple of hard gear changes seems to be...
  4. K

    Advice on possible upgrades for VE

    Good day fellow VE members Currently I am wondering about my VE as it have a Hurricane cat-back system, i was thinking about going for the next upgrade which was as follow: OTR intake, Headers, tune, but some mates talked to me about going for a cam upgrade, which is mid cam and still...
  5. abuch47

    Any idea what this exhaust is?

    Found a second hand exhaust was told it was hsv but clearly not. Thinking its pacies 4 into 1 headers but dont know the others and seller cant help.
  6. T

    2009 VE Calais Sportswagon exhaust upgrade

    Hi all, Im hoping you can help. I am looking to upgrade the exhaust on my L98 VE Calais Sportwagon. I have found an xforce 3 inch cat back system and hurricane 1/78 4 in to 1 headers. I believe however the hurricane headers are suited for a VF. Will this system fit my car? Also, i need to buy...
  7. T

    VE Calais 6.0 Sportswagon Exhaust + CAI upgrade reccomendations

    Hi All, Long time reader, first time posting.. Ive a 09 Calais 6.0 Sportswagon with an LS3 Cam+lifters upgrade done by GM Motorsports (original L98 cam was dead and needed replacing) and tuned, running 250RWKW. Its my daily drive. I am now ready for my next upgrade, exhaust + CAI, and...
  8. Oz82

    Hurricane cat pipes

    Hi all, I've picked up some secondhand Hurricane Tri Y extractors for my WH LS1. I've currently got a twin 2.5 inch catback system on the car. To join the headers to the exhaust I need cat pipes. I understand Hurricane do cat pipes with 200 cell cats that will bolt straight in which is...
  9. Giusa93

    What Headers to Get? HELP!!!

    Hey Guys, this is my first post!! I have a 2010 VE SS manual and so far I have got a 2.5" XForce Catback and a VCM OTR. Its been dyno tuned and is currently pushing 240kw to the wheels. I am looking at getting Headers next to try and get close to 260kw to the wheels but am not sure what will...
  10. 8

    Different types of 4 to 1 headers compared

    I am chasing a set of manifolds to fit a cammed LS1 that will go in a C3 1980 Corvette. Not sure exactly what will fit but i know Camaro headers fit. Is there a thread comparing the sizes and types of manifolds/extractors ? Here are all the ones i have found... Best i have read is the VY2 HSV...
  11. Graham Hatton

    VF HSV SV 1 3/4" headers, cats etc sale

    hi everyone I have replaced my exhaust system on a Maloo 340kw with the SV pack. I'm looking at selling the HSV tri-Y 1 3/4" headers, cats and 2 1/2" centre section. This system is a nice upgrade for those with standard manifolds and stock 2 1/4" centre section. I'm thinking of putting it on...
  12. J

    Hi guys, have header questions.

    Have an LS1 WK Statesman and I really need to wake it up a bit. Just wondering whether there would any real difference going for a 4 into 2 into 1 headers or should I get 4 into 1's. I can get these for $250 (trying to keep the wife happy and not spend much). Should I spend more and get...
  13. AZ_SSV

    Ve hsv headers / extractors

    Hey guys, just got a set of ve hsv extractors. Was wondering if anybody knows the primary and outlet sizes. Cheers Az
  14. dashdown98

    VS Ecotec Extractors - Manual and Auto??

    So I found someone selling a set of VS V6 extractors (Bottom left of pic) My question is, are the auto and manual ones the same? I've done a bit of research but can't make any sense of it. If I get these will they bolt up to the existing Y-pipe? Should I need anything else to get it...
  15. Mattde

    Pacemaker Headers?

    Has anyone fitted pacemaker headers to their VZ Alloytec? Pro's? Con's? I may be able to get my hands on some second-hand ones for cheap and was wondering if its worth the investment. Are they easy enough to DIY? Will it need a tune? I know these are all pretty basic questions, but the...
  16. M

    Headers For SIDI LLT Engine

    I have just brought a 2011 series 2 Calais V SIDI with a LLT motor. I know that pacemaker makes headers for the SIDI, but I want to know if BBK Long Tube Headers made for the Camaro with a LLT motor will fit in the engine bay of the Calais and would these Headers be legal here in Aussie Land...
  17. Jonesy40

    [WA] VE Pacemaker Headers and Cats

    ITEM: VE v8 Pacemaker 4-1 Headers and Manta Hi Flow Cats LOCATION: Nollamara WA CONDITION: Used approx 30,000km old PRICE: $650.0 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up Only PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email me [email protected], or MSG/Call 0427 879 473...
  18. Daniels-VY

    Exhaust/Extractors/CATS - Questions!

    Hey all, Ive got a few questions in regards to the exhaust on my 03 VY SS Ute Currently its stock apart from a 2.5" cat back exhaust My mate has just told me he can get me pacemaker extractors at cost price (im a poor uni student) so my questions are: 1) Can i install the extractors...
  19. O

    Loads of trouble fitting extractors on my vh with efi engine

    Hi All, i am currently in the process of fitting the engine and extractors to my VH, now it had a VT roller engine in it and i had a set of pacemakers PH 5700 headers, now all i have done is sent the headers away to get hpc coated and now i am fitting the new donk which was out of a VR Clubbie i...
  20. B

    [VIC] WTB: LS1 tri-y extractors

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Tri-y extractors to suit LS1 LOCATION: South eastern suburbs, Victoria CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to pick up from anywhere in metro area and maybe further depending on where. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM...
  21. Rourkie

    Series 2 VE SV6 full exhaust system and cai, help!

    Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone else has heard anything about full exhaust systems for the sidi engine yet? Is anyone making them? Also, anyone who has installed a cai such as a growler or the like, has it given you any change in performance or fuel figures? I heard that as it is a direct...
  22. agrsv8

    [SA] Surge tank, VP SS full exhaust and LSD, VT Headlights, Tyres, Sub + Amp + Capacitor

    LOCATION: Adelaide, Tea Tree Area ITEM: polished 2l Surge Tank with An fittings CONDITION: New PRICE: Firm $80 ----------------------------------------------- ITEM: VP SS IRS Twin 2.5" full exhaust, Tri-Y headers, Primaries sandblasted and repainted in heat proof silver, twin redback...
  23. J

    VN help please

    Hello how is everyone? I just got a clapper VN lexen and I have my full exhaust from my 93 VR extractors Y pipe and cat back will that all bolt up to the VN and if so what is the best way to get it off with out taking the motor out? I was thinking unbolt the engine mount's and jack it up from...
  24. C

    Headers & Extractors

    hey guys, im looking at buying some headers and extractors for my 1994 vr acclaim and i was wondering which brands to go with or companys to go through for a good deal and good quality products from your own experience cheers
  25. S

    exhaust 2.5" or 2.25" ?????

    hey everyone, i drive a VY S II and im wanting to do a full exhaust upgrade eventualy. i want to replace headers, pipes and muffler. was just asking if i should be getting a 2.5" system (most people see to go for this) or a 2.25" system?? i wont be doing to many mods to the engine, just intake...
  26. D

    VH Commodore Extractors to suit efi heads

    Does anyone know where I can get a set of extractors or headers will fit in a vh commodore running efi heads, manual steering rack, trimatic box and a CVR starter motor. Motor is putting out approx 500hp.
  27. loku16

    VE SS-V Wagon

    VE SS-V Wagon - Updated Photos 03-01-11 Hi Guys, Thought I'd post some photos of my car! Recently got a full 3" VCM cat back exhaust with OTR, HPC coated extractors and a tune. I just love the sound and the new response of the car. Actually I wasn't going to do anything to my car as this is...
  28. Sam0213

    Cars Sitting to low!

    Hi, my 2000 vt has super low kings all round. cops thort they would be pricks 1 day and measure it so i failed because the extractors were sitting too low. everywhere except the extractors are sitting high enough,took it down to an exhaust joint and they tighend up a few bolts are tryed to...
  29. Alex R

    Headers confusion

    Hi, Just some confusions RE my headers. They are deffinataly cast headers, and have GM cast into them, but i was told that all VN/VP commodores had the welded type headers? My car is a 1992 VP Berlina LX, so has somone put VR headers on it or something? Thanks
  30. C

    Pacemaker Long Tube Headers.

    I have a request for any vendor or able person. I need the dimensions of these headers to see if they fit my engine bay. It seems theyre very common. I need to know basically how far they stick out from the heads and what the width(including the gaps between the pipes) are. Best Mufflers the...
  31. somefool

    Crack in stock headers...

    Hey guys i noticed a hairline crack running at the corner of cyl#5 header a few weeks back and thought nothing of it, as the crack was small. After installing a new oxy sensor last week the car ran like a dream again + the engine bay was so much cooler than it was when it was running the old...
  32. myberlina

    Catback exhausts in Melb Metro

    Hi guys. Just want a few recommendations from anyone who has ever had a 2.5" catback exhaust fitted somewhere in the melbourne metro area. Looking to finally get one for my VXS2 V6 ecotec. Basically just want to know where to go, what product to ask for and how much I will have to spend...