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  1. S

    Any headunit kits for the VE Series 2

    Ive been interested in an upgrade for the headunit in my commie but cant seem to find any fitting kits that arent from kayhan as ive heard very mixed things about them just wondering if anyone had any suggestions about fitting kits and possible headunit options aswell
  2. Adrian's Vr

    Head unit won't work but a/c blows

    I just tapped a inline converter into the head unit but now the head unit and everything in that cluster stopped working but blows air from ac still, fuses seem ok but is there a fuse I'm unaware of?
  3. S

    VE Kayhan Series 2 unit with Dual zone into a series 1

    Hey guys, So I've recently picked up a 08 VE Commodore with 130ks on the clock for a fairly good price. I downgraded from my VF2 Wagon so we could get one of the new Acadias which are on run out! I miss the Tech and Dual Zone Climate Control from my VF so have been exploring options to add...
  4. I

    2004 vy new headunit not working? (Jvc media player double din)

    Replaced the stock ones witha brand new one and it doesnt seem to turn on.. i tried everything in my knowledge to make it work.. it wouldnt be the head unit because its brand new. All the wirings are connected to where theyre suppose to be. Only thing i havent done is check the fuse.. but i want...
  5. B

    Help with headunit

    hi im new here and I own a 2013 SV6 VF Ute. I would like to get Apple car play put in somehow. What would I need to get or could someone suggest something for me? What’s the best way to go about it. The car currently has the mylink but I would like to update with CarPlay and stuff. Thanks :)
  6. K

    Aftermarket Headunit with Steering Wheel Controls

    VY is now just a work vehicle but a reliable old girl who I have a soft spot for After best options with aftermarket head unit only must is Bluetooth for my phone , eBay options ? What is ISO wiring harnesses ? Double din 6 inch 7 inch etc Anyone done a cheap CHINESE model that is ok ? After...
  7. A

    Headunit won't turn on

    Got a pioneer deh-2250ubg head unit Not sure if it's the headunit or the acc wire is not connected When I turn the key the head unit wont turn on I have to press the power button on the headunit itself. Works fine then. But the settings for the equalizer is not saved. Any ideas on what the...
  8. N

    VX headunit steering wheel control help please!!!

    hey everyone! i just bought a pioneer DEH-X2750UI single din headunit, APPIOA pioneer to control harness adapter and a CHVTXA steering wheel control harness. i cut off the two end connector harnesses then wired the headunit input harness to it but there was two wires (blue and orange) left...
  9. C

    Vr calais Head unit problems. Help.

    I've gotta 1994 calais 5L and I've installed an alpine CDA-137EBT headunit. Ive got everything connected corrected, however when reconnecting the battery there is a small electrical arch. if i disconnect the orange/purple cable (positive cable from the battery) from the headunit (yellow cable)...
  10. L

    VE SV6 LED's and headunit as well as some exhaust stuff

    Hey guys, Recently (a week ago) i sold my vu and purchased a 2010 ve sv6 series 1. I have been impressed with the car, quick, quite, reliable and so much fun to drive. But the interior as its a series 1 isnt the greatest, i would like to purchase a better headunit. I have searched for...
  11. klavins

    New headunit no air con

    Installed a Calais headunit into my Omega Series 1. Radio and CD, reversing sensors, and rear demister work fine. However, all the front air vents don't work like the front demister and air con. I have programed the headunit successfully but when I try to read the HVAC 93C66WP EEPROM it shows...
  12. P

    VL Sony head unit not working

    Hey guys first time posting, i've recently just bought a VL Berlina and I've been trying to wire up an aftermarket head unit (Sony xplod). Anyway all I'm worried about at this point of time is powering the actual head unit and not the speakers so please dont tell me i have to rewire all of the...
  13. S

    Dimensions of VS stereo/headunit

    Hey, I know headunits come in single din and double din sizes but apparently the depths vary? If that's true, how deep is the cavity for the headunit on a VS? I live rural and don't want to find out half-way through that the unit I bought isn't going to fit
  14. U

    ve fascia kit and display screen

    hi guys. i have replaced my stock ve omega head unit with the ve fascia kit and a pioneer double din head unit. my question is, what can i do with the old display that used to be on top of the stock head unit? it is disabled atm and i was wondering if i could take it out and put a gps or an...
  15. D

    Automatic Antenna

    Hey Everyone I have a series 3 Statesman and I'm wanting to do a full Sound system on it. I was wondering when I replace the headunit will the antenna retract like normal or will I have to work out some way to retract it with a relay switch or something???
  16. Mzil

    Wiring/Fuse Problem with Head unit

    Today i was trying to switch over a head unit in my VS. I had all the power wiring cut off from the old harness onto the new one just to test the new one. Anyway it all worked fine up until one of the wires touched the metal on the inside of where the head unit sits. This caused a spark then...
  17. C

    Vt/vx commodore connecting RCAs to headunit

    Hey everyone I'm new here but need some advice on how to connect the rcas from my amp to my headunit I got my Sony double din headunit professionally installed last year and am now attempting to put an amp in my car. My question is how do I take the headunit out? And is there a way to connect...
  18. stooie

    Changeing factory head unit

    Hey all looking at putting in a six stacker to replace my single stacker in my Vy Exec. Just wanting to know if its a straight swap or is the wiring different Thanks
  19. P

    VX SS Head unit

    Hi All, I am looking to replace the head unit in my VX SS, currently everything is standard and to be honest im pretty happy with the standard speakers at the moment. However i would like a head unit with more features than the standard one. It seems a massive waste to have such a huge...
  20. J

    07 VE Omega

    Hey guys, Got a 07 Omega and sick of the boring headunit, was thinking about getting a second hand Calais like this VE / G8 Stereo IRC Facia and Head Unit | eBay was wondering howmuch it would cost to get re coded if anyone knows, i live near Sydney. Also thinking about getting a LCD...
  21. J

    EONON head units?

    herd much about the Eonon head units? there cheap, but are they any good?
  22. G

    Headunits and Boot mods

    Post no longer available. Post no longer available.
  23. H

    Help with replacing Factory Headunit in Commodore SV6 VZ 2006

    Hello, I am new on these forums as I have just purchased a Holden Commodore VZ SV6 2006 recently and absolutely love the car. The only problem for me is... I hate the factory headunit. Just the fact that there is no AUX port makes me very sad :( :( Now I have a number of questions...
  24. D

    Upgrade stereo install ve omega

    Hey guys, Been trying to do some research about this but what I am looking at doing is upgrading the stereo in my omega partly due too the HVAC playing up. Do I need to get the new HVAC that comes with the headunit reprogrammed to work in my car or could I just do the straight swap? Thanks :)
  25. tHe_sTiG

    Burning CDs for your factory Blaupunkt headunit

    Hi fellas, I thought to write this little thread since I haven't seen it lurking around in the forums. I've noticed that the Blaupunkt headunit in the VZ is very picky with CDs. It only seems to accept the genuine audio CDs. In most cases it will not play CDs that are burned in your...
  26. M

    Illumination Wire for Headunit

    Hi guys, first thread so go easy :D Aiight, so I am going to wire up my new headunit on the weekend, and I've been looking through the forums for some help. My JVC headunit has an Orange with White stripe wire which, according to the manual, is for the "car light control switch". I...
  27. S

    VY S II Audio help/tips/thoughts

    hey guys and girls, i own a VY S II and im sick of hearing the poor sound quality of the factory speakers in my car, plus it just isnt loud or clear enough. im looking at upgrading the whole audio package but in 2 stages. 1st stage would be new HU, front splits, rear doors and an amp. 2nd stage...
  28. W

    Aftermarket Head unit Installation in Wh Serise 2

    Hi all, Is there anyway to install an aftermarket head unit in a series 2 WH statesman? It's got a woodgrain center console with annoyingly rounded edges so no single dim or double dim head unit will fit. I was wondering is there an insert you can install or a way of getting around this...
  29. JSTCOZ

    New Headunit - Ideas for space under head unit

    Hi all, going to be putting my new headunit in the VT soon and as many threads have said 'there is alot of space underneath it'. I was wondering what ideas people have of what to do with the space? few i have - Leave open and put things in - cover with a piece of plastic the same as the...
  30. D

    Stock Head Unit Wont Turn Off. Help Please!

    Hey Guys, I have a 2004 VY S-Pack with the stock Blaupnkt (spelling lol) head unit. Basically it the backlight will not turn off when the car is off AND locked. It used to turn off automatically when I opened the drivers door but it won't do that anymore. I know it's just the backlight thats...
  31. Oh_Your_Blind

    Unsure on what Head Unit?

    Hey guys, I'm looking on upgrading my stock HU in my VY. I have been shopping and lookin around, and havnt found anything to my liking yet. I have about 350-400 for the unit itself, any cheaper and I can upgrade speakers, so cheaper is a bonus. I need a USB front and/or ipod connection options...
  32. davidjanssen

    VT Wiring Harness to Pioneer Pioneer FH-P6050UB

    Gday guys, I have a wiring harness for my VT calais and want to install a Pioneer FH-P6050UB. I know which wires to connect to the car. But with the wiring harness the wires are different colours. I would just conect to the car but I dont want to hack it up. Wiring Harness wire colours...