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  1. S

    vk efi stalling when reaching 1/4 heat

    hi im getting my self confused in diagnosing a fault in my vk 202 efi. Almost everytime i drive it till it reaches 1/4 heat it stalls or if im driving at speed it runs rough and trys stall it last max of 5 secs. Then 30seconds after this happens the temp moves to the next notch everytime so it...
  2. A

    To kick it off.....

    Hi Guys, I have had my VS ute for about a year now. She was a bit of dud when i got her however when it comes to a choice between driving my new car and the VS ute it always wins hands down. So now it has come time to fix it all up and getting her looking sexy. But unfortunately i have a...
  3. V

    Heat sensor not working :(

    hey guys, just wondering where i can find the sensor that tells the car to turn the fan on when the temperature gets too high. VP commodore eecutive, series 2. Any photos would greatly be appreciated. thanks guys, vxseries1
  4. B

    VS ute randomly splutters and dies

    G'day, I have a '98 series 3 v6 vs ute. ive had it for about 3 months and from what the books say it has been well looked after. it has approx 172 000 ks on the clock and is in bloody good nick. there is one problem though that i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of anything similar...
  5. blindworld1

    2 problems - Tapping and bubbling.

    Hello, My first problem is that just before when I came home with the car it was making a bubbling noise, the pipes were very hot, hotter than usual I believe. When we opened the overflow container the coolant was bubbling. Is this normal if not what is causing it? My second problem is...
  6. 96VS355

    355 Stroker pinging

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas, I've had my 1996 304 rebuilt as a 355, and I've found it's developed intermittent pinging. On a cold morning it doesn't make a noise, but once it's been running a while, or on a warmer day, you can almost predict it when you step on it. It's round 10-10.5:1...