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heater tap

  1. Fu Manchu

    [VZ] VZ VE VF Alloytec Cooling System Repairs

    The following is for both VZ and VE and VF Alloytec motors. The first part of this is on my VZ. Opened the bonnet only to discover a fine line of pink spray from the dry red coolant, all across the engine bay. Lucky to catch it before it let go all together, and no doubt at an inconvenient...
  2. C

    Unwanted hot air into cab

    I have read other threads on a similar issue but their solutions did not fix my problem. With my temperature dial set to cold, the air into the cab is 8 deg warmer than outside. I have replaced the heater tap and checked that it is fully closing off. Then, with the engine running and the tap...
  3. G

    Heater tap leaking (Genuine GM, brand new)

    As the title description says. I brought a new genuine GM heater tap from Holden, cost me abit over $50. Reading on these forums people insisted on buying GM. First thing I noticed is that the new one is entirely plastic, apart from the 2 screws and the metal pin that actuates the valve inside...
  4. T

    VT LPG heater tap hose question?

    hey, got a 99 vt had a LPG conversion not factory, its a really dodgy setup wiring is ridiculous, whole setup pretty dodgy actually, anyways to the point. I never use LPG ever, but car has been over heating recently just found its one of the heater tap hoses is leaking its the one that runs to...
  5. I

    VZ SV8 Heater tap, forgot where the hoses go...

    i just replaced the heater tap and forgot which way the hoses went back in, can someone please tell me which one goes on either "A" or the "B" side cheers. :embarrass:embarrass:embarrass
  6. O

    No vacuum from heater tap VX Calais

    Hi guys and girls, I have a VX Calais V6 that has decided to not blow heat through the heater. Today I changed the heater tap however there is definitely no vacuum coming through the hose and it is still blowing cold air (which will be lovely in summertime, just not great for cold winters)...
  7. H

    VU Gen3 Heater problem, Throttle body vac line missing?

    hi guys the vacume valve control thing on the heater tap of my 5.7lt ute has a problem, its eitehr fully open or fully closed. is this normal or should it be fully vairable depending on how far i turn the dial inside the car, also i think teh heater tap it self may be stuck open coz even...
  8. Z

    air leak issues - a/c not working

    I am a newbie I have a Holden Commodore Calais S2 with Climate Control. I have no cool air. On acceleration, I note air vent directs warm air from face to feet and returns to face on deceleration. I also note the heater tap is letting hot water to the heater radiator and the cars effectively...
  9. S

    Radiator leak problems, foggy windscreen etc.

    Hey people, Got this vt series 1 commodore last year, goin great. About January I was driving along, then overheating etc radiator bone dry. Filled it up with just water, drive for about 2 months just fillin with water EVERYTIME it overheated. It sounded like boiling noises in the overflow...
  10. B

    Replacing Heater Tap

    Hi, Just need help and advise on how to change me heater tap on my Holden vt Berlina 1997 model.It seemed to be leeking abit which caused the engine to heat up, so i thought to check if it was the pipes but turned out to be the plastic rim on the heater tap that was broken.My local mechanic said...
  11. G

    Changing heater tap

    I've recently had a whole bunch of issues with my vt olympic wagon and i've had to replace the radiator and get the coolant flushed and hoses replaced and i've managed to rack up a huge bill. After all that stuff was replaced, now the weakest link appears to be the heater tap, it's leaking...