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  1. V

    Sv6 Series 2 Air vents, air not flowing

    Hey guys, have an issue with the Front passenger air vents. When its placed towards the face on the controll unit, the airflow seems to go through the feet instead of the face while using the heater or air conditioning. Its a Sv6 series 2 and I can't think of any issues of the air vents being...
  2. akarshmalikal

    Less COOlent inside the Radiator.

    Hello mates, Morning Today After driving the car for like 20 mins when i came to an halt, The temp gauge was at 75%. When i checked the coolant under the cap i found nothing... when i tried to check the radiator ( left side pillar ) nothing jumped out... Usually the coolant should flow...
  3. BullittSV6

    SV6 Air Conditioning - Heating Fail

    Well the old girl is getting on and noticed today that when I cranked the heating up on the a/c, all I got was coldish air. The cooling seems to be working well, just not the heating. Anyone had issues with this? What's the fix and what's the cost?
  4. A

    vs overheating

    hey guys i have a 95 vs exec and its been overheating like crazy i suspect a blown head gasket or a cooling system issue so i used irontite a cooling system sealer and im thinking of using chemiweld as well for the gasket so was just wondering anyone else have any other ideas on what...
  5. Ignited-SV6

    Sounds like SAND!!! VT Olympic

    Hey guys, When I start the engine of my folks VT Olympic it almost sounds like there is sand being rubbed against the metal in the cylinders (if that makes any sense). I checked the oil and it seems okay...What else could it be?? Also, it overheats quickly at random times (Could be stuck...
  6. vl-sl-commodore

    Several heating problems

    Hi okay i own a 1986 SL VL Commodore and really the only this i have had done since i brought it 2 months ago is had extractors fitted but for some reason the engine is getting really hot the radiator coolant has been replaced and switched the tiny 12 inch thermo fan to a larger 16inch thermo...