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  1. M

    202 red in boat tricky issues??

    Hi all. Firstly I gotta say I'm so glad I stumbled on this forum. So g'day to you all. I'm a long time Holden owner having owned just about every model they ever built from my first car a fb wagon to our family vz wagon. But my question today relates to my inboard boat with a 202 onboard. I...
  2. VK SL 3800

    Vk HEI Dizzy conversion help.

    Going to put a Vh HEI dizzy into my Vk to to finally put an end to crap timing woes with my EST system constantly trying to advance of the scale. have only 1 question: Where do you run the the vacuum advance line to? as i understand vh commies have a special port on the carb for it an vk's...