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help commodore

  1. Skillo

    Holden international bumper swap

    wanting to remove my 2009 ve internationals front bumper and replace it with something more aggressive. What will fit and what won’t fit (also wondering if attached image would be the right fit). Thanks
  2. D

    VY SS SRS Airbag Light On

    Hey all so my srs light is on the dash and got it scanned and it came back as error code “21 Driver Airbag circuit resistance to high”, could this be the clock spring as I need to get it fixed for a wof. Cheers
  3. C

    Double timing chain interfering with cam angle sensor.

    G'day fellas Need some help with my build I'm doing an ls1 to ls2 engine swap and I'm stuck. My ls2 has a double row timing chain and the cam angle sensor on my timming chain cover is interfering with the chain. It's not actually the sensor that is hitting the chain it's the bulb at the...
  4. 2

    Lock problem

    So I have a 2003 vy commodore all the doors lock except the drivers door. The drivers door lock knob on the doorcard is stuck down and will not go up with any amount of force, yet the door is unlocked and won’t lock with the key or fob buttons. all the other doors do lock and unlock perfectly...
  5. C

    boot lid help

    Hi there Just bought a boot lid for my VX commodore and the looms that are OEM to the car is a little different compared to the ones that came with the new boot lid, so as you might assume I'm a bit lost. Do I need to buy a seperate loom/adapter or modify it or something? Or do I need to...
  6. D

    King spring khrl-46sl

    Lowered springs. What way should the bottom part face to the left it’s tighter and dosnt wiggle as much. The photo of it facing to the right it wiggles more but not sure what way they should face. They are khrl-46sl Appreciate any help
  7. C

    M80 mini spool

    hey guys, i just need some help as i am stuck on what i need to do. so ive brought m80 3.73 gears and a mini spool. i have an m80 LSD here that im going to pull apart and use the housing of (as i know you cant mini spool the lsd centre). what center do i use? is there any commodore that came...
  8. H

    Anyone know where to source this part?

    Hey there being told I need this part or my beloved ssv redline and piece of motoring history will be written off?! Anyone know where to purchase a new or used one? Needless to say it’s rather urgent! It is for a 2016 ssv redline wagon in Victoria but will buy part from Oz or nz .
  9. J

    [VIC] Esp fault code limp mode. 2010 sv6 series 2

    Hello everyone. I have a nightmare of a problem I’m out of options and need help! so I have a persistent esp fault code error that has been consistently coming on for over 8 months, I have replaced my abs module 3 times, all of the modules had same numbers, and each one has been re programmed...
  10. Tubbyy

    Commodore spoiler

    hey guys just bought a ducktail spoiler from mrbodykits and my 2002 vx commodore hasn't ever had a spoiler its pretty much untouched in every way so do i literally just measure out where the spoiler sits and drill out the boot? but then i have the problem of i have 2 bolts 2 washers and 2 screws...
  11. D

    Diff help

    Hey people need help with my diff I've opened my back plate and have looked and found that I've got a 0575 stock gear ratio3.08 now I wanna know if I can put a 0578 ring gear and pinion with 323 ratio in or if anyone know if it can work it's for my burnout car
  12. D

    VT motor and box in vx

    Can I put a VT motor and box straight into a vx
  13. Benjamien.C

    Easy ways to stop scrubbing????????????

    Im running 20's on a vu, my tyres scrape on corners and small bumps, but i dont want to go any higher on the front end, is there any ways to stop the scrubbing or do i need to go higher. Thanks
  14. L

    Is this the right part for my car?

    Hey everyone, just hoping for some quick help, I've got a 2011 VE Omega sv6, I was looking to add a manifold and spacer (After hearing all the praise from you guys on other posts) was just hoping someone could confirm this is the right item I'm looking for, just dont want to dish out the cash...
  15. D


    Iv got 2 fault codes 7e8 engine and 7eA did some research online bit can't find out exactly what the mean anyone here got any suggestions it would be much appreciated. Thanks