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  1. C

    Supercharger upgrading

    Hey guys, I have a 03 series II VY and I was looking at performance upgrades, particularly the supercharger. I was wondering if anyone knew the maximum PSI you can run safely with the stock system? Thanks in advance.
  2. I

    RB30e Help

    Hey guys, whats my best option for getting my VL running? Quote to get engine reconditioned - $5000 or should i buy a running second hand RB30e? if so where could i find one in perth? or should i get my head recond and rebuild myself, i have no tools or exp. or buy a crate RB26det? i...
  3. C

    Bcm help, vt v6 ecotec swap for supercharged l67 vy...

    Hello i have a series 1 vt commodoore, the engine is just about dead so i bought a VY supercharged V6 i have everything with it the fuel pump, the computer, wiring harness the whole lot but i was informed i cant just drop the engine into my vt as it wont start something about the BCM Body...
  4. S

    Help please - 92 vq statesman with vs ss engine.

    Hey people, I bought myself a 92 Vq 5.0L as I first car with a vs ss engine in it. What is happening is I've had a few problems lately and it's ended up in my car trying to kick over but something's stopping it. It's sputtering and doing tiny backfires. What first happened is one day...
  5. B

    08' ve glove box/boot light fuse help!!!

    since buying my car over a year ago i have never had a working boot or glove box light, it never really bothered me, but now its starting to bug me so its time to kill the issue, i have checked it out and all wiring and globes are fitted, at first i thought it was just the globe so i replaced...
  6. J

    Vx v6 manuel MISFIRE

    Ive got a vx series 2 s pack manuel its got a misfire the comes and goes some times its there at 2000rpm and some times it doesnt start missing to 4500rpm, it does it under all conditions and im absoluting stumped on my situation, so far ive... Replaced the DFI module Replace coil packs with a...