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help me choose please

  1. 9

    My VR Project/hobby

    alright so, when i got my vr basically for free i expected a few things to be wrong with it, but since i don't really care about getting it road worthy and registered, i was wondering what things i could to to make it visually impressive and standout, what are some cheap mods i can do to it...
  2. TheVESV6

    What VE Sv6 would you choose? 2007 man at 120,000k's or 2007 SA at 80,000k's same $

    Hi All, We are updating from our Berina to a VE Sv6 6cyl. The 3 choice's we have are: 2007 Black 130,000k's 19"wheels prof lowered Manual.. long rego.. Owner a sales rep. 2007 Orange 80,000k's stock Semi Auto. long rego.. Owner family man had baby seat in back. 2006 Orange 130,000k's...
  3. V

    My first v8....need help choosing!!!

    hey guys, i get off my P's in January which means i can finally get a big thumping 8. i cant decide between a normal SS or a HSV. I want the VX shape and a manual so the difference in the interior will be shite all and i already know where everything is. If i decide on the SS than my choices...
  4. Robbo VS3

    Need New Speakers For My VS

    I recently put in a new Kenwood CD Player in my Series III VS Ute and i would now like some new speakers to go with it. At first i thought the standard Holden speakers were pretty good, well they are good at low volume, but im the sort of person that really likes to crank the heavy music up...