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help me out

  1. L

    Sic radio display blank....need help:( sv6 o6

    Hey Guys, First time long time. 2 days ago started car normally..... RADIO DISPLAY SIC information was totally blank. Every day since still the same. This has happened before once where all I had to do was turn off/turn on to fix the issue. In this case it was a no go.. about a Month ago I...
  2. B

    Holden barina 90,000km service list

    Just looking for anyone who knows the service list for a 2002 Holden Barina 1.4L or any service/combo packs you can buy to service them?!?!?!? and any recommendations on what brands to buy/not to buy. cheers bosco93
  3. K

    VY Calais LCD Issues

    Hi I have a VY Calais Series 2 V6 and the middle LCD on the dash cluster is not displaying, It lights up and all but is just completely blank. Do you have any ideas on what the issue could be or how to fix it?
  4. jayden.2.2

    Mono channel amplifier questions.

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2nd hand mono channel amplifier (Pioneer GM-7100M)() and what i think is a 12" subwoofer in an enclosure. I understand how to power the amp off the battery and how to ground the amp, i understand how to run the cables from the amp to the sub. But there are a few...
  5. Eblostdiamond

    Advice and Help with mods

    Hey guys, I've got a series 1 2010 sv6, in a manual and I'm looking at getting these mods done: Calais boot lip spoiler Pontiac G8 bonnet 20" or 22" rims and wheels Colour change on the inside lights (EG Dash, head unit) Black LED tail lights Neons under the back passengers seats...
  6. J

    Vp v8

    I have a v6 vp but want to put a v8 in it. Would really love a 5.7 but what would I have to change 4 that even just a 5 liter??
  7. M

    Car Steering weirdly

    hey, so a few weeks ago i lost it in the wet and hit a gutter and bent my pan hard rod and my rear axle. I've fixed both of those problems and the steering still feels weird when im turning and going over bumps. It feels like the front wheel is about to fall off when im going over any bumps or...
  8. Jodamis

    VS Clubsport not starting

    Hi. I have a VS Clubby and it wont start. Its had the starter replaced and nothing!! Its an auto. The instrument lights come on but nothing happens when I turn the ignition (not even a click). Can anyone help??
  9. N

    serious help needed

    ahhhh help. as i was driving home yesterday the power train light kept coming on and then going off...what does this mean also my car keeps over heating when standing still but noe when its driving help me please