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help needed

  1. J

    Need help asap plz

    I have a problem with my vs berlina. It has no power going through 1st and does the same through all gears and I cant put my foot down as it splatters and pops. I have changed all plugs and leads thinking it might have been that but that didn't help. Can anyone plz give me suggestions on what it...
  2. D

    VX Calais Vacuum Problem

    I have a vx calais that i recently purchased clean car just runs really rough i checked the fault codes and it came up there is a vacuum leak but cant find where can some one please help me i need to find where the leak is but lack the knowledge can someone please give me a list of the vacuum...
  3. R

    Loud Vibrating Noise In My 06 SV6

    Gday guys Not sure how to explain it as i have searched for it on the net before and cannot find anything at all about it, When I cruise at 80kmh and slightly accelerate there is a loud vibration noise that you can hear and very easily feel throughout the whole car and steering, also at...
  4. M

    Vt engine removal

    Hia guys, first post so sorry if its in the wrong section or any thing like that, i use these forums CONSTANTLY when working on my car, and iv finally gotten stuck with some thing that i cant work out Im part way through replacing the engine in my old VT i have the engine mounts off the...
  5. v6nutz_2012

    Misfire Under load/heavy acceleration

    Hey guys, been having this problem in my VP V6 wagon for a while. Coils, DFI module, Injectors, Fuel Pump, Leads and Plugs have been changed. Thought it was a vac leak at an improperly seated injector but with that problem fixed is continuing to do the same thing. Anyone able to shed some light...
  6. L

    black vy ute touch up

    I'm looking for somewhere in SA to give my ute's paint a new lease of life for a low price. Just want the same colour to get rid of scratches (no dents). It's pretty straight just few dings around wheel arches and around the top of the bay. Anyone got any suggestions and an idea of cost?
  7. M

    LED dash conversion need help

    Hey guys, Iv recently bought a 2000 vt wagon, and wanna do some nice interior mods on it. The thing I need help with is that I'd like to put LEDs in my dash and cluster as some of the bulbs have blown. I don't know where I can buy LEDs that fit, or what to ask for if I go to auto barn. If...
  8. S

    Faulty wipers- How to replace 06 VE wiper motor

    I have a 2006 VE V Commodore and the bloody wipers aren't working properly. They only work on full speed and i have to stop them and judge when to turn them off to get them to rest at the bottom and not halfway on the windscreen. I don't have any idea how to change the wiper motor. I have ruled...
  9. K


    hey guys i got a problem with my 2006 VZ 'S' Thunder. Yesterday coming home from work my car seemed to just shut down, check drivechain light came on, brakes became similar to that of when the car is not on, power steering turned itself off, and did not want to accelerate but engine remained...
  10. jayden.2.2

    Single pipe exhaust to quad pipe exhaust

    Hey lads, My berlina has a stock single pipe exhaust system ( as most of you would know), I love the look of quad tips and I think they would look maddo at the rear of my car. I'm after an exhaust that looks sweet, and and also addS a little bit of sound. There's a catch though, I'll be...
  11. jayden.2.2

    VE Cruise control issues?

    Hey everyone, I've got an issue with the cruise control function on my 2007 VE Berlina. To put it simply, it wont turn on. I try pressing the on/off button and nothing happens, has anybody had an issue like this before? I've noticed other things which may or may not be linked to this...
  12. jayden.2.2

    SS rear bar on Berlina?

    Would it fit? Would it look good? Would it look good with a G8 diffuser and quad tips? Any other ideas welcome. Tell me what you think. Cheers in advance.
  13. jayden.2.2

    Aftermarket VE Berlina tail lights

    Hey all, Just wondering if anybody has come across some aftermarket Black LED tail lights that fit a 2007 VE Berlina, an example of the look im after is shown below. I can't seem to find any that are compatible for the life of me, and im not keen on replacing the whole rear bumped just so i can...
  14. I

    Vx cluster issue, need help

    Hey guys, parts of my cluster have stopped working, ive taken out the cluster and identified a broken copper trace on the board. just a question how to i take it apart? ive removed the needles, the face and theres some torx screws that ive removed. i cant figure out how to separate the back...
  15. F

    HELP Needed! Vr Cruise Control

    Bought my VR S 94 and it has cruise control. Not entirely sure if it works or not (or can't get it to at least...) I hit the button on the stalk and the green dash light comes on and that's about as far as I've gotten.... How do I work it and find out if it does work or not?? Cheers
  16. H

    1995 vr duel fuel wont start. injectors or bcm?

    i just got a 1995 vr commodore duel fuel the first thing i noticed was there is fuel in the oil and it wont start i got the key to finally go but the car wont start the immobiliser light turned off when i got the key to go but there is no power to the injectors the belt spins and everything else...
  17. V

    Tips on raising VS without changin springs

    Okay this is a really random question, and i couldnt find it anywhere on the site but i need to raise my car but i dont wanna change the struts over again, atm its sitting at roughly 90mm with lowered springs and sitting on 15' stockies, it sits high enough if i put on my 19s but then cant get...
  18. U

    Vr Calais, level 3 dash cluster problem (NEED ADVISE)

    Hay guys i just brought a Vr Calais and have encountered a problem with dash evry now and then then speed warning light, the tempreture light and the fuel light flash all at the same time. i just need to know if its gonna cost big bucks or an easy fix?
  19. J

    VN help please

    Hello how is everyone? I just got a clapper VN lexen and I have my full exhaust from my 93 VR extractors Y pipe and cat back will that all bolt up to the VN and if so what is the best way to get it off with out taking the motor out? I was thinking unbolt the engine mount's and jack it up from...
  20. A

    turbo 400 box

    hey guys more help needed here, i have been recommended to get a turbo 400 gearbox to put in my 94 VR SS with an adapter plate as this is apparentley the best auto gearbox from holden? is this a wise choice, has anyone done this swap? any ideas on price? thanks guys
  21. S

    Some q's about my VY v6 in vs

    Hi all, I've recently added VY v6 and 2 1/2 exhaust cat back to my vs and I'm wondering, if i get VY extractors am I going to run into problems fitting? Also, with tuning after putting extractors on, I've read there are A few different types of tuning? How do they differ? There's a few things...
  22. V

    Riddle me this! 1993 VP series II 3.8L Calais won't start.

    Battery is fine. Plenty of fuel. Tryed to get it running last night (Jump starting, then called RACV - load of good that did) would not start no matter what. Woke up this morning jumped in the car and it started straight away, drove home, parked in driveway, turned off. Tried to turn...
  23. I

    water pump change vs 5.0 ute

    hey guys I really need help with changing my water pump. any advice or help would be much appreciated. I have a vs series 3 5.0l ute and dont have the money to pay some one :lock:
  24. Sami

    Defect notice HELP!

    Hi all, ok I'm desperate for help from anyone here! My wagon was issued with a defect notice today (about 2 streets from home, somehow that makes it feel so much worse). The two things the cop defected me for were: tail lights too dark (they were tinted, but you could still see the lights...
  25. Z

    Shafted buy a VE SV6.. anybody selling..

    G'day, Looking for a good VE SV6 for 18-19k.. Must be imaculate inside and out.. No time waster like the the last guy... Thanks Brett... [email protected]
  26. M

    VS V6 Calais ERROR CODES 24 and 72

    Hi Guys i have a bit of a tricky one that i need a hand with and im hoping someone else might be able to shed some light on it. I have a vs calais with a bit of work done to it but most relevant to my issue is that i have just had my gearbox rebuilt (full rebuild with shift kit and 2800 high...
  27. Mase1990

    My VY storm, halp :P

    Hey i dont really know heaps about cars, just learning. I got my storm like 2 weeks ago and I have some questions and such that i need some help with. :) I need to get 2 new front tyres, the ones on it now are 18" i believe. I think thats 225/40R18, just wondering what i'd be looking at to...
  28. JSTCOZ

    LED light sticks HELP!

    *PROBLEM SOLVED* - Heavy Duty double sided tape from Bunnings Hello all, Just got some Green LED Light Sticks in the car yesterday and they came with some double sided tape and some strapping wire and a screw... anywho, none of the stuff worked and so i just did a neat job with some Gaffe...