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  1. K

    VS STATESMAN Towbar Fitting.. Needs help PLEEAASSEE :)

    Anyone know how to fit a towbar on a vs statesman..?? Needs help please :) Any ideas..?? :hmmm: I get were the bit at the back goes.... its just the bit at the front, does it go onto the rear diff independent suspension or under it or ontop of it or what...?? i need help please.... :) :hmmm:
  2. amos_executive

    [350] trans and diff to match 383 stroker, help?

    so i'm starting to slowly get my sh!t together, and needa just start getting bits n bobs in. got a 383 stroker and just needing some help/advice on trans and diff to go with it. looking at either a 6 speed 6L80 or a 4 speed 4L60E, all worked with heavy duty internals high stall etc. how...
  3. I

    VP wagon electrical problems

    It's a 3.8 auto. As soon as I drive it for more than say 15 mins and turn it off it won't start again just makes a "click" noise. I'm guessing this is starter motor related so I purchased a second hand part from a local wreckers which I haven't had fitted yet. At the old mans suggestion I...
  4. S

    Newby - VX unknown coolant leak

    The other day as i was driving, the temp gauge suddenly shot right up to hot, i immediately pulled over to find about 3L of coolant covering nearly everything on the left of the block. Im yet to find the cause of this leak and am unsure as to what it could be. Things I've ruled out are...
  5. I

    Help - VP doing strange things

    For sometime my car has lost power and began to shake a bit when I accelerate up hills but the problem has not been that bad. Today I was driving and it was shaking a bit when I was accelerating on flat road and then it kept. the power seems to die nd come back, die and come back when i...
  6. All style

    How do i put a cold air induction kit in my 95 vr acclaim ??????

    I am thinking of bying a cold air induction kit for my 95 VR ACCLAIM its got to big mods ( in engien ) all i have done to it is plugs and leads k&n pannal filter, so i asked some 1 elce what i could do and he told me a cold air induction kit is the best way, from a vs so i have hade i look at a...
  7. J

    VT Wagon 98 Does not kick Down???

    Hi Guys, I have a VT and with the Auto it does not kick down a gear at all. Also with the PWR button on the car will only change maximum at 3500rpm foot to the flaw??? Car is very slugish to drive and fuel economy is poor :( When the car changes from 2nd to 3rd gear is changes really slow...
  8. Ryan.mate

    panel van roof racks

    hey guys, i need help as to which roof racks would fit/suit the vy panel van conversion as i plan on buying some but not quite sure. if you need a pic use my dp. i plan on using racks like the rola racks as they are flush and look good and help is appreciated cheers
  9. VZ57SSZ

    Can you replace a 885 LUX BCM with a 795 Hi?

    Hi The Body Control Module in my car has been playing up for some time now, Immobilizer wont allow the car to start some days, and other times you press the remote to lock it and then it then the locks go down and straight back up until you lock it with the key. So I was wondering I have...
  10. VZ57SSZ

    VR SII Shutters on accel?

    Hey Guys The other day i went down to Sydney and while on the free way the car was fine so I went to over take a car and gave it some acceleration then the back of the car started to shutter until I backed off, so for some reason I then put it into power mode and it took off fine and didn't...
  11. rob drag racer

    help fitted a swoosh tacho no lights

    i fitted my swoosh tacho today and cant figure out how to set up the lights for night view there's a cord from it with 4 gray wires and a yellow i understand where and how i would fit it to the lights on switch but cant figure out how to with these wires has anyone came across this before and if...