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high beam

  1. J

    VS Headlight Problem

    So I tried to get help in here but no one replied so I went ahead and attempted to remove the hid headlight kit that was installed in the car I bought and I put in some halogen bulbs. The reason I did this is everything blew slowly one by one and I found out that the lights didnt come with the...
  2. S

    highbeam not working but lowbeam/parkers are

    Hi all! just wondering if anyone could help me out with why my highbeam isnt working? checked fuses, replaced globes etc parkers and lowbeam work fine i just have no highbeam..
  3. taylooor

    Headlights randomly go high beam in my VT

    Hey guys, Lately my headlights have been randomly switching on to high beams by themselves. It's so frustrating cause im always beaming other drivers and I know how annoying it is. Im 99% sure that it's cause my Indicator stick (stork/lever?) doesn't sit in place properly. And after the...
  4. K

    Problem with my vr high beams

    i have a 95 vr berlina series II, the head lights work fine on low beams but when i flick it on to high beams one of them shuts completely off, iv checks the fuses and the globes and cant find anything wrong. can anyone help?
  5. LOYAL

    Help Please! Headlight problems...

    All fixed, thanks anyway