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high rpm

  1. vf_potato

    VF commodore 3.0L 2014 idling at 1250rpm in drive

    I just replace my water intake manifold gaskets that sit behind the Throttle body, while I had it open I also cleaned out alot of carbon buildup from inside the TB. I removed it to do this. The gaskets are fine, now Engine idles at 850 in park and 1250 in drive. 1st gear and 2nd will get to...
  2. V

    VY Series 2 V6 Rattle at mid-high rpm

    Gday all, Just driving around today around on the freeway, ect and i thought i'd put the boot in at a set of lights, only to hear this unearthly rattle/vibration coming from the mid/mid right section under the hood. Since then i have noticed the sound whenever the car pulls past about 3000rpm...