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  1. D

    Fuse panel removal

    Hello. I am adding an LED light bar to the front of my exec hidden in front of the lower grill. Obviously it needs to be fused and would run off a relay which would be activated by the highbeams. My questions relates to the spare relay in the fuse box under the bonnet. I would love to utilise it...
  2. V

    HID High Beam/Flash Issue

    Hey everyone, so I've got a bit of a dilemma... I've installled HIDs into both my low beam (H4) and the high beam (H3) of my VS, Everything works as it should with the exception being the flash (pull stalk toward you) and high beam (push stalk away). When high beam is triggered the bulbs in...
  3. B

    VY S 2 Calais headlight help!

    Gday i hope someone can help me out on this one. Im getting ready to install Calais headlights into my VY S2 Berlina. I bought 3 sets of HID's to convert driving, highbeam and foglamps all to HID globes. Now in the headlight itself in the highbeam part theres a red wire and a red with...