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  1. clemmy

    leaking coolant on decline

    got a vx wagon and i was parked on a steep decline (nose down a hill), prob 10 mins later got back and saw coolant snaking through the gutter..DEVOED!! just wondering if it was the overflow maybe? it looked like it was dripping straight off the bottom of the radiator but hasnt happened again...
  2. D

    surge problems auto or diff

    Ive had a quick search and cant seem to find exactly whats wrong or if anyone else has had the same problem but in the last few days ive noticed that while going up a hill my car (L67 VT Calais Auto) sometimes jerks and surges a bit under power its not everytime but its starting to concern me...
  3. MovieDude

    Clunk into R from cold on incline

    My car is parked on an incline and when I start from cold and shift into R I get a rather loud clunk from the transmission. Service told me that this is normal if the car is on an incline. They took it in and greased some joints (?) but it still exhibits the same problem. Has anyone had this...