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  1. M

    Does anyone recognise this hissing or air sound?

    Had this for a while now, sound like an air leak coming from somewhere. Have done a quick check on all the hoses and everything and can't come up with anything, its an obvious air leak coming from somewhere, car is a VT v6ecotec There are no symptoms associated with this other than the noise...
  2. V

    VL Aircon always makes hissing noise and only comes out top vents.

    The air con in my VL has started making a constant hissing noise no matter which setting you choose. Air only comes out the top vents where it defrosts the windscreen. Ive been told that it could be a vacuum leak. Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. B

    VS Aircon Hissing

    Hey guys havin a bit of an annoying issue with the VS after the aircon has been on, when i turn the engine off there is a hissing sound for a few seconds. This also occurs occasionally when slowing down while driving. I have looked around already on the forum but cant find the exact...
  4. Kierab

    Sound coming from under center console/

    got a 1996 VS, and there is a sort of hissing sound when i put my foot on the accelerator, really annoying me just hoping its not the gearbox or something any suggestions, stupid or anything. let me know becasue im sick of having to drive with music up loud to drown the hiss cheers =]
  5. vr_shart

    vs major problems help???

    hey recently brought a vs ecotech which starts fine when cold runs smooth but after about two minutes there is loud tapping noises coming from around or in the rocker covers but after another two minutes or so the noise stops and so on, we also put new oil in and ran it for a day and then we...