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holden 5 litre

  1. C

    Got a good one for ya's V8 auto

    I've got a vr v8 calias with a worked auto stage 2 shift kit beast drum new torque convertor full clutch kit with new solinoids etc. Fully rebuilt front end I had all this worked done professenally paid $2.500 for the first rebuild which last 2 years. Warrenty was out before i broke it again so...
  2. dinkum87

    My 94 sly vr ss

    WINDOW TINT IS NEXT WHAT STYLE AND COLOUR WILL SUIT THIS LOOK DARKEST LEGAL PLAIN DARK TINT OR HINT OF SILVER OPINIONS WANTED??? Car: Vr SS Year: 05/94 Colour: White Motor: 5 Litre 304, gilmer drive and power steering fitted, tuned now revs higher dosnt bouce off limiter the response is...

    [NSW] For Sale: VS 1995 5 Litre Ute. **SOLD**

    ITEM: Holden VS 'S' Series 1 Ute LOCATION: Central West, NSW YEAR: 1995 SERIES: VS I BADGE: Commodore Ute HSV Enhanced 185kw Build Number: 004 ENGINE: 304 Injected V8 TRANSMISSION: Auto (Standard box.) COLOUR: Phantom Mica EXTERIOR CONDITION: Paintwork is ordinary, rear...