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holden calais

  1. Paris99

    How to replace door trim courtesy light/interior door lights in VT-VZ Commodore/Calais

    Hello. I've already tried searching for this and have not found anything so thats why I am asking here. Recently my VZ Calais door trim courtesy light blew on the front passenger side. I want to replace it and Ive looked through the owners manual to try and find the way to replace it/get the...

    Steering Rack replacement advice

    Hi Im about to replace the steering rack in my 94 vr calais. Is there anything i should know? Eg tips, things I should do?? Thanks in advance
  3. V

    Difference Between 2002 Vy Calais And The 2004 Model?

    Hi guys im buying a holden calais as a first car, whats the difference between the 2002 and 2004 model?
  4. A

    Need help with my vy calais

    hey can anyone help me ????? im trying to connect an amp into my holden vy calais?? please help :) is there any way of connecting a new amp in the boot using the stock amp wires ? thanks Antony
  5. M

    [QLD] What is 'le90' oil? Should it be used for a holden transmission?

    Hey, Im just wondering what is 'le90' oil? and should it at all be used in a holden transmission? (VZ Calais 5sp Auto) If it shouldnt, why? what would it do? This is a silly sort of question to ask its just i have recently had my transmission serviced and this is the oil the guy put in it and...
  6. M

    Vz calais v6 auto transmission problems!!!!

    Hey I own a vz calais v6 auto and I have recently had a transmission service done on it. There was a major difference after I got it done, I mean it drove alot better, changed into gear alot smoother and had alot more power. It has only been 2 weeks and now something is wrong and i have no idea...
  7. H

    VN Calais Power Window Console!

    Wondering if there is any one out there that might have a power window button for the middle console of a VN Calais 89 mainly the drivers side front and rear. Mine does not click and fried by the looks of it.