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holden commodore

  1. A

    Stability control and misfire

    Hi, I have a VE SS 2011 series 2 manual with 171k kms ive had an issue twice now where upon starting my car will have a stability control fault and when i take off it seems to be misfiring aswell. I fixed it the first time by disconnecting the battery and waiting approximately half an hour and...
  2. Revhigh

    Holden ZB Commodore 2.0L and 3.6L Custom Tuning

    3.6l LGX Commodore ZB +32awkw + 60NM 2.0L Turbo +45awkw + 75NM We're acheiving this with a dyno tune only for $750 in Hallam Victoria WWW.REVHIGH.COM.AU 0---4---1--5----5--4---6---3---6--1 On the 2.0L with our Methanol injection plug+play kit we're getting 70awkw + 120NM. Similar to the Audi...
  3. S

    Central locking

    So I had this problem with my VU ute where the guy I bought it off of had locked the car with central locking and he sold the battery so I couldn't unlock it with the key, after some effort to connect the battery from under the car I unlocked it with central locking, I just want to know how to...
  4. S

    Central locking

    So I had this problem with my VU ute where the guy I bought it off of had locked the car with central locking and he sold the battery so I couldn't unlock it with the key, after some effort to connect the battery from under the car I unlocked it with central locking, I just want to know how to...
  5. J

    V6 ecotec TB upgrade

    I want to upgrade my stock TB but unfamiliar of the process and dimensions. Help me out please?!?
  6. M


    Hi fellas see if you can help me with this please Have a VY V6 have had starting problems Things replaced New fuel pump and filter New injectors New CAS New leads and plugs New senors alternator belt Put the injector pulse light on them and injectors dont have a pulse The ute when left...
  7. K

    Advice on possible upgrades for VE

    Good day fellow VE members Currently I am wondering about my VE as it have a Hurricane cat-back system, i was thinking about going for the next upgrade which was as follow: OTR intake, Headers, tune, but some mates talked to me about going for a cam upgrade, which is mid cam and still...
  8. jamie tsagliotis

    Vy grinding noise

    Hey guys Recently bought a vy v6 berlina 2004 series 2 and I have just noticed at a certain rpm when revving you can hear apmost like a grinding/saw noise as soon as it hits 2500-3000Rpm Sounds like its coming from under the car beaneath where the 2 front seats are. Really dont know what it is...
  9. Revhigh

    Stealth Metal Edition (4.0) Throttle Booster

    Stealth Metal Edition (4.0) Throttle Booster The Stealth Controller suits many vehicles, some more popular ones include. - Holden Commodore VZ VE VF (VZ finalised this week) - Ford Falcon FG FGX (BA and BF finalised this week!) - Ford Ranger - Nissan 350/370z, Navara - Mistubishi...
  10. L

    what modifications should i do?

    here i have a Vz holden commodore and just looking for advice on what to change.
  11. V

    Will VZ SV6 doors, bonnet, hood and other parts fit on a VY S pac, Cheers

    I have a VY S pac that has been keyed all the way around and a VZ SV6 that has streatched timing but the body is straight and the same colour as the VY so would all of the doors, boot, bonnet, and other gaurds fit straight on to my VY S Pac cheers
  12. A

    Detailing the Commodore VZ Engine Bay

    Hi there, As you can see in the pictures my rides engine bay has become the dirtiest of it as it can :\ Am planing to detail my engine bay, but before doing that I had a few worries that I need to take care of and some suggestions\help. In the very first picture I've circled in the red...
  13. J

    VF SV6 Storm advice!?!?

    Hey fellas, I recently got an apprenticeship and as apart of the gig i get to lease out a car of my choice. Now, the choice is obvious in the sense of what i am going with (VF), but whether i got the regular SV6 Sedan/Ute vs SV6 Storm Sedan/Ute. What are your opinions on both and which one do...
  14. P

    HELP NEEDED: VT II Commodore Engine Stalling.

    Hi, I have been having issue with my 1999 Holden Commodore VT II Executive (Duel Fuel) for some times. The car engine has been stalling for some time intermittently. Here is the scenario, The car used to cut off occasionally. I thought it was LPG issue, so I took it to the LPG tuning...
  15. P

    Holden Commodore suddenly stopped accelerating.

    I bought a Holden Commodore 1999 VT Executive Series 2, few months back. The Car was running well until some times, it showed this issue couple to times. I was driving to office then suddenly two the dashboard lights started glowing. One is the battery and other was like a Aladin lamp with...
  16. J

    vx commodore wont start after accident

    i was driving my car when it was raining and the car started sliding from side to side then hit a tree. The car did not crank i had to get it towed the driver said it might be a safety cut of valve (inertia switch) that needed to be reset can anyone help
  17. S

    My 2007 VE SV6 Mods

    Hi all Haven't been on in ages so i thought i might as put up some pics and details about my 2007 VE SV6 (New to all of this so go easy :)) Engine: Just a K&N air box filter Did have SS hotdog mufflers (which came with the car) but they sounded like a dying animal so back to...
  18. H

    Support my VH SL/X Fact v8, Shed build :) coming 1st out of 60+ newer cars

    Happy easter! My cars doing pretty well coming 2nd in King of Kustom comp held by Adelaide city holden. Could u click the pic and hit the green vote. Likes don't count but help ppl to see. If u have the time please share id appreciate it so much thanks Darren...
  19. R

    King springs

    hey a mate of my sold me his king springs just wondering if u guys thinks its to low post pics as soon as i get the spring on ssl in the back and sssl in the front think its 2 low or nah?
  20. G

    Tyres and rims for 2010 SV6 Sedan

    Hey guys I am currently on my red P's. I bought myself a silver 2010 Holden Commodore sedan sv6 sidi nearly a month ago now. Im looking to chuck some new rims and tyres on it :) Here is a link to the rims im currently looking at getting: 20" SILVER SSW ULTIMATE WHEELS AND TYRES FOR HOLDEN...
  21. R

    knocking noise and tingy noise

    Hello everyone i have a loud knocking noise that happens when i put my car into gear and when i speed up as soon as i take my foot of and it changes gear it knocks loudly and if i keep it in second gear when i put my foot down suddenly it does it and if i take my foot of suddenly it does it. i...
  22. V

    vx s/ss bumper fix and paint

    hi i picked up a vx s/ss bumper for free but its pretty rough, it is broken on the side clip and where the fog lights go just wondering how i can fix this, also want to know the process in painting a bumper, i am good with a spray gun (im an industrial spraypainter), just want to know the...
  23. 9

    what cam and chip for vs clubsport

    Hey guys....just tossing up on how to spend about 4k on my vs clubsport. its manuel with 4:11 gears and an exhaust but just stock extractors. engine is completely stock but i wanna change that. I'm thinking a stage 3 crow cam n chip package, would i need to shave heads or port it at all with...
  24. M

    1998 vt exec auto gearbox troubles

    hi all, my car has nearly 300,000km on the odo and im starting to have a bit of trouble with my gearbox, whenever i pull out of a corner and give it a little bootfull the engine revs up but it doesnt transfer to my wheels, it feels like something is slipping, unlike when i first got it, the...
  25. D

    Vp ss bonnet scoop, help

    Im pretty new to this..but I am currently looking for a bonnet scoop for my SS as shown in my pic. I'd be using a different bonnet to cut into so the original is untouched, any ideas? In particular a scoop with a vent at the front.
  26. M

    [QLD] What is 'le90' oil? Should it be used for a holden transmission?

    Hey, Im just wondering what is 'le90' oil? and should it at all be used in a holden transmission? (VZ Calais 5sp Auto) If it shouldnt, why? what would it do? This is a silly sort of question to ask its just i have recently had my transmission serviced and this is the oil the guy put in it and...
  27. M

    Vz calais v6 auto transmission problems!!!!

    Hey I own a vz calais v6 auto and I have recently had a transmission service done on it. There was a major difference after I got it done, I mean it drove alot better, changed into gear alot smoother and had alot more power. It has only been 2 weeks and now something is wrong and i have no idea...
  28. 6

    Engine Smoking up + exhaust problems

    Hey i have heaps of smoke coming from the exhaust and also from the manifolds at the start and the car is sounding like crap and also this comes and goes and at the same point on my day drive it always stuffs up at the same point i have taken this car to several mechanics and it usually goes...
  29. S

    How low will Super-low or Low springs make my VS commodore?

    I've got a 95' VS Executive, I've just put some 17" rims on it and want to lower it enough just to make the gap in the guards a bit smaller. Does anyone know how low Super-low and Low springs will make it??
  30. C

    Help: dash light

    Hi guys, my holden commodre VS has a problem on my dash. The battery light keeps coming on when i brake or step off the gas and when i accelerate up to 3,000 rpm the light goes away. Does anyone know the problem ? As I've already changed the battery and the light is still showing. cheers...
  31. R

    My 1996 VS executive :)

    Alright, so this is my VS. I will get around to posting pics up later. Its pretty bare at the moment, so please. Bare with me. Also had to replace the engine in it, I blew a rod out the side of the block, you could fit your fist in it. :hmmm: Also, pantha mica in colour, gorgeous...
  32. J

    New guy from the states..

    Completely forgot I had gotten a membership with you guys on here till I found a good search for a trunk mat lol. Anyways, I own a 08 Pontiac G8 GT which is like y'alls car but the American version lol. Heres some pics.. ^ the trunk has been de-badged since that was taken Few...
  33. preston_e

    [QLD] 1992 VP Commodore White Auto **SOLD**

    ITEM: Holden Commodore auto white LOCATION: QLD Brisbane, south YEAR: 1992 SERIES: VP BADGE: Executive ENGINE: 3.8L V6 TRANSMISSION: Auto/ COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Paint is a bit old INTERIOR CONDITION: Missing glove box and broken fuse cover, center console...