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holden iq

  1. A

    Iphone mirroring with IQ

    Hi All, I have recently purchased a calais V S11 V8. This is a work car as I'm a sales rep. I am very interested in mirroring my Iphone 5s onto the IQ sreen. I have seen a few videos on things like this put they where either series 1 cars, or didnt share the how to. Has anybody done...
  2. J

    IQ System Video Input Wiring

    I have a 2011 VE Thunder Ute. My IQ system shat itself and Holden replaced it. Since replacement, I now have the reverse camera display come up when I put it in reverse and a DVD option in the "Media" menu. I've been doing a bit of reading on installing a reverse cam and have since realised...
  3. M

    VE2 IQ Bluetooth issues "Voice In"

    Hello all, been reading the forums and its great source of knowledge so I hope you can help me with my problem. I can successfully connect my phone to the IQ system and make calls, and phone book comes up fine. But very regularly the music cuts out and "Voice In" appears. It doesn't go away...
  4. B

    Iphone 4s firmware 5.1 problem with Holden IQ

    After updating my Iphone 4S to os 5.1 now cannot make calls thru the holden IQ system using voice dialing it makes the call but doesnt connect thru bluetooth. Use to work before the update ?????
  5. D

    VE Series 2 LOC AND SUB INFO

    Hi all, . . i know its been covered a lot with ve series 1 LOC installs on this forum and others ive read many many Im hoping a few of you guys have started playing with the holden iq radios allready, if not i will post and post pics of anything i can to help the next guy..... i would...
  6. S

    Does Holden iq system rip mp3 cd/DVD to the internal flash drive?

    Hey all Just a quick query. I finally retire my 2000 vt calais international and pick up my new redline ssv sportwagon tomorrow and am about to burn some CDs for it. Just wanted to hear from anyone that has an iq system as to whether it can rip mp3 cd/DVD to the internal flash drive or is it...