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holden ve

  1. LachieCaprice

    Help Buying 6LT CALAIS

    Hello I’m looking at buying Holden ve calais 60th anniversary model it’s the 6LT and just wanted toknow what to look for my current list is cars done 149,000km service history check oil and coolant check drive train when driving any help would be highly appreciated
  2. LachieCaprice


    Hey Guys currently looking at purchasing a 2006 Holden ve Calais v 6.0 it’s done 186,000 km and was wondering if I should look for anything in particular( other then general items as in service history , oil condition ,radiator and coolant ) a family member has a 2008 highout put v6 with...
  3. J

    Vibration and shavings in oil.

    Hi all, I Have noticed a vibration around 2000rpm (comes around then, then goes) and maybe at a higher rpm, hard to tell. Ive done a oil change and noticed very small shavings in the oil, some appear to be copper? what should I be looking at before I make the call to strip the engine down...
  4. T

    Holden VE Berlina 2009 Centre Dash speaker

    Hi, I’ve recently upgraded my VE Berlina speakers and I bought myself a speaker to replace the shocking centre dash speaker but ran into a bit of trouble was hoping with the photos I’ve provided someone could help me out if the speakers I have would work or not. Cheers.
  5. Wickham_1995


    Hey guys, I have a 09 hsv e2 senny sig 6.2l and was looking under the rear seat at the wiring and i've noticed on the left hand side (Battery side) the wiring loom is exposed and in one it is melted and burnt. Would anyone know what this loom is for/controlling? Ive had 2 fuel pump failures in...
  6. Wickham_1995


    Hey guys, I have a 09 hsv e2 senny sig 6.2l and was looking under the rear seat at the wiring and i've noticed on the left hand side (Battery side) the wiring loom is exposed and in one it is melted and burnt. Would anyone know what this loom is for/controlling? Ive had 2 fuel pump failures in...
  7. A

    Question RE: About to buy VE Calais 6.0L Wagon

    Hi all, First time poster so please excuse if not asking in the appropriate section or if there are existing threads relating to my questions. As the title indicates I am interested in purchasing a 2010 VE Calais 6.0L Wagon with 270,xxxkm on the odo - The vehicle has a good service history...
  8. B

    Fuel smell from exhaust - Car struggles to turn on.

    I own a holden ve omega 2009 I recently done some work to the car and im now having problems. Heres what i done, I replaced the spark plugs and fuel injectors with new ones. I flushed engine oil, trans oil and radiator fluid. And replaced them, I also changed the oil filter. And trans...
  9. S

    Air conditioning 2007 ve v6

    My ve a/c isnt getting power to the two pin plug on the compressor....ive had it checked by 3 mechanics and all said its different parts. 1st one said its the compressor so i brought a new one. 2nd said its the out of r134a gas. 3rd said its the havc control module and said it has to have 12 -...
  10. T

    VE Maloo Side Vents For Holden VE

    Hi guys, Im new here, so hopefully i have got this in the right section. sorry if i havent. anyways.. I was wondering if anybody knows where i can buy maloo side vents to be fitted on a 2012 Holden Ute? I know it is possible because i have seen it done, if need be i can post a pic of...
  11. C

    Looking for a hard lid on a VE ssv. Any recommendations?

    I'm looking for a hard lid for my Ute and have no idea what's good. I was quoted $2800 by holden for a genuine but i'd much rather an aftermarket lid for the price cut around $1800. Just wondering if anyone had any info on which aftermarket places preferably in VIC are reliable and worthwhile...
  12. V

    Is it possible to move the ve roof antenna ???

    I want to move the antenna off my ve's roof and maybe have it under the bonnet. has anyone thought of doing this?? i just reckon it will look much smoother. also if somebodies looking to do it i have purchased a BMW shark fin placing it over the old part which the antenna screwed into and...
  13. salute the ute

    Sites that sell holden parts

    Hey there im looking for more sites that sell Holden parts. I only need ones for VE's. I know of JHP, Holmart and SSV but i cant seem to find any other main ones like this that have online stores.
  14. salute the ute

    Walkinshaw air dam

    Hey has anyone installed or made their own air dam. For those who dont know what it is. It's basically a small scoop that is mounted to the front bar on the passanger side. The theory behind it is to force extra cold air up to the air box. For those who have installed it, has it improved much...
  15. salute the ute

    Saftey systems on VE

    I own a SV6 VE Manual. Does anyone know how to turn off or disconnect any of the safety systems. When ever I try to start a burnout the I hear this thud noise that's repeated a couple of times. This is with the traction off of course. I've tried both 1st and second gear starts but it only seems...
  16. salute the ute

    HDT Improved

    Anyone know what the special conditions are for the HDT Improved badge ? The link is here: HDT OFFICIAL WEBSITE Thanks guys
  17. salute the ute

    My12 chrome fog light bezels

    Here's the link VE Commodore SSV SS SV6 Fog Light Bezels With Chrome Inserts NEW | eBay Is there a how to on how to on how to install these on here. Cheers,
  18. M

    VE Fog Light Mounting

    Hi all, I have had a search through the forum, but could not find a clear answer. I have a VE 60th anniversary which i am installing foggies in. I have the berlina bezels already and am getting a pair of lights but i am unsure how to mount them. Are the lights secured onto the bezel, the...
  19. C

    Holden VE V6 Manual Conversion

    Hi all, Has anyone on here done a 6spd manual conversion on a VE auto?. If so what did you need for the conversion computer wise?. Will the supplied manual ecu pair up with the rest of the cars electrics/computers etc?. Cheers Josh
  20. C

    Holden VE Steering wheel alignment slip joint?

    Hi all, I have a VE Omega 2006 that had been hit in the LHF, It was repaired and when im driving around if i take a left hand turn the steering wheel will angle to the left when driving straight, but if i take a right hand turn the steering wheel alignment will go to the right when driving...
  21. S

    touched the battery and blew my trans?

    G'day guys, just wanted to share something with you that i'm kinda finding hard to comprehend, and potentially leaving me a good couple grand down as a result. It all started 3 days ago where i attempted to install a hands free kit into my car. It should be known that previous to this, i had...
  22. D

    2007 Holden VE Calais thumping noise?? Help

    Hi all, bought a 07 VE Calais about 2 months ago. just hit a pole >.< (yes i kicked myself when i did it) its recently been repaired and since ive had it back, well a day after ive noticed a strange knocking/thumping noise. NOTE: i have jack all knowledge about cars and im still a "p...