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holden vl

  1. P

    Best Door Locks - VL commodore

    So i recently bought a 88 VL Executive and not having had it for even one day, it had already been targeted by thieves. well they didn't manage to break into it, but they did damage the locks.. so my question is, what are the best door and boot locks I can fit on a VL? I've read about solex...
  2. V

    [VIC] PROJECT Genuine/Stock SI VL Calais Turbo (no motor)

    ITEM: Genuine SI VL Calais Turbo LOCATION: Vic/West YEAR: 1986 (unsure) SERIES: VL BADGE: Calais SI ENGINE: No Motor (was original stock A8 RB30 TRANSMISSION: Auto (Box not in car/ can be purchased seperatly with purchase of car) COLOUR: Marone over Champaign EXTERIOR...
  3. L

    Help my vl wont start

    can any1 please help me i was driven my vl the other day and it just stopped i checked for spark, injector pulse and fuel pressure all ok. I replaced the dizzi and the afm but still no start it cranks fine and sometimes has a very low rough idle but dies after a few seconds
  4. Abrowne70

    Tail Lights and Dashboard

    Hey guys mate just bought a vl and we went for his first drive in it and got defected for no taillights. So they were working and the dashboard was lit up aswell, all of a sudden now they arent, checked the fuses but curious if anyone else has any ideas of what it could be. All help...