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holden vn

  1. J

    VN to Vp inner guard linner

    Will a vn LHF inner guard linner fit under a vp?
  2. H

    Changed battery, car won't turn over, alarm set off VN

    I have a Holden VN and a slight issue with my starter motor so I changed batteries, which resulted in an alarm being set off and now she won't turn over. The alarm is a cheeta brand with a key located in the engine bay, I never have used it. I tried turning the key on the alarm but it doesn't...
  3. Y

    New toy VN V6 5 speed performance rebuild

    So new toy 180,000 grand parents spec mint as a daisy motor rebuild n diff ideas please Motor so far planning (N/A) (stock looking) Tell your dad Putting a cam with around 220 duration and enough lift to get me close to .500 lift with 1.7 roller rockers So increase compression (shaved head...
  4. B

    My VN V6 Berlina. (First Car)

    Well, yeah. I am getting my learners this year (I'm in melbourne, No turbo's :@) and i got handed down this VN Berlina with a V6 Swap. It has around 250,000km's on it and is pretty clean (imo). It has some mods such as a 2.5" exhaust, suspension and springs, steering wheel, amp... and that's...
  5. timmy8372

    holden vn wagon new project

    just swap my holden vn group a mock up for a clean vn wagon but havent realli put much time into it but it pretty straight body and runs great so i throught ill do her up for a perfect project car
  6. J

    Need quick advice on VN

    Hey i just need to know the best way to get the ball joint off my power steering rack going to the strut so i can change it, its never been taking off in its life and its a real pain in the ass any advice?
  7. redlion05

    Immobiliser problems on VN Calais

    Hi All! My Vn Calais is experiencing problems with deactivating the immobiliser. I've had the original remote changed over 2 years ago with a $60 reprogramed remote. It worked a dream. Until 1 week ago, I parked my car in the garage and it wouldnt lock. Replaced the battery the next day...
  8. markER717

    VN Calais 5 Speed - Slammed on Sigz, Big Sound System, Pearl Paintjob!

    This is my first car, a Imperial Blue 1990 VN Calais. I really love the car and I have big plans for her, so its just a matter of time and money before I can take this car to its full potential. Heres what I've done so far: Model: VN Calais Year: 1990 Colour: Imperial Blue with Green Pearl...