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holden vr

  1. benny_bones

    Installing a Sony Xplod cd player into my Vr, trouble!

    Hi Guys, nice to meet you all, ive recently bought a sony headunit. There is two power wires coming from the sony head unit, one red and one yellow, just wondering which wires on the holden loom they connect to? I foolishly went and cut the holden loom before being told i could just buy an...
  2. sik_VR

    My VR Commodore (Photoshopped)

    My VR Commodore. For those of you who are wondering, yes it has be Photoshopped but it'll get there someday...soon hopefully.
  3. gobrien002

    [SA] Very clean LPG/PETROL Red S-pac 95 VR

    ITEM: LPG/PETROL VR V6 S-pac *RELISTED* LOCATION: South Australia, Warradale YEAR: 1995 SERIES: VR II BADGE: S ENGINE: 3.8L V6 Buick w/ CAI TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Candy Apple Red INTERIOR CONDITION: Great condition, No Rips, No Crack or tears. always kept clean inside. TYRE...
  4. Kurtp

    Silver V6 VR Project

    This is my new VR, looking to do a lot on it, already put heaps of work into it. This thing was horrid when i got it. Disgusting interior, completely dirty, obviously treated like ****. On the plus side it was a reco motor only 7 months ago, barely done anything since then. The car came with a...