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holden vs

  1. C

    vy commodore VS vs statesman

    Hi guys I'm very new so sorry if this is misplaced but I was looking on car sales and both a Vs statesman v6 and a vy v6 commodore (both ecotec) have almost identical kw stats 147 for vs 152 for vy that's not that great a number but I own both a vs statesman and a vy commodore and there is an...
  2. E

    Vn to vs

    Hey guys I have a holden vs ss with a 304 in it that needs a recon/rebuild but have a mate with a rebuilt vn with some work done that I can buy cheap. What's the difference? Wiring wise etc? Is it a simple pull the vs out put vn in and turn key? Cheers Jayden
  3. S

    VS Calais Interior Vibration

    I own a VS Series 2 Calais and had done a Auto to T5 Manual Conversion to a VT Ecotec motor which ran perfectly Originally there was a small but not too noticeable vibration in the interior then about 2 months ago the gear box started to play up so I went and got a VN-VS T5 Gearbox and put it...
  4. H

    VR duel fuel under dash wiring

    I have a vr duel fuel and the wiries under the dash need to be hooked up for the gas if some one has a photo or something
  5. F

    VS series 2 Acclaim

    Hey, this is second car a VS Series 2 Acclaim, which I've owned for almost 2.5 years. I've been a member for a while now but haven't gotten around to adding any pictures of my car so I thought I would :) Model: VS Series 2 Acclaim (2nd Owner) Year: November 1996 Colour: Sherbrooke Green...
  6. B

    Transmisssion issues!

    We have a VS Commodore which all of a sudden decided to stay in Drive BUT sometimes all of a sudden it will work properly, and the engine managment will go off. We can go a day or two as normal then all of a sudden it goes back to Limp Mode. Then when it goes into limp mode, if your are at speed...
  7. gobrien002

    [SA] Very clean LPG/PETROL Red S-pac 95 VR

    ITEM: LPG/PETROL VR V6 S-pac *RELISTED* LOCATION: South Australia, Warradale YEAR: 1995 SERIES: VR II BADGE: S ENGINE: 3.8L V6 Buick w/ CAI TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Candy Apple Red INTERIOR CONDITION: Great condition, No Rips, No Crack or tears. always kept clean inside. TYRE...
  8. lyndon_breeze

    holden vs eletronic speedo

    my mate had a holden VS where he could changed the speed alert to a electronic speedo, and tried it on mine and doesnt work, anyone got any clues
  9. N

    vs climate control keeps turning on and off

    Ok about 2 weeks ago i turned my aircon on and it just keeps turning on and off every few seconds (on for about 5 seconds of for the same) does anyone know what could be the problem and how to fix it? thanks