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holden vt

  1. K

    VT Commodore Problems!!!

    Hi all I have a 1997 vt acclaim auto i have had a few problems with it over the past month or so and cant figure out what they all are its killing me. i have replaced the motor in it and it was all working fine, then lost my licence so it sat for 6 months. Then found the heater core was...
  2. T

    Smoke from Air Con Vents

    I am getting a light brown vapour/smoke coming out of my Holden 99 VT Acclaim centre air con vents. Here are the clues: a) After driving for some time (more than 30min on the highway at 110 km/h) light brown smoke starts to come out of the centre console vents. At first slightly, then heavy...
  3. timmy8372

    holden vt

    Name: Tim Model: 97 VT Executive Body Kit: standard Colour: white Engine Type: Ecotec v6 Gearbox: 4 speed Auto Brakes: Slotted DBA's F+B Wheels/Tyres standard Interior: - door trims and under dash retrimed in white suede - leather Coulson front seats with hsv logo - retrimed leather...
  4. S

    looking for a Holden Commodore VT Expert about Fishtailing

    hey everyone! As the thread topic says, i'm looking for an expert that knows they're commodores especially VT's. the question is, can a Holden commodore VT with a cat back exhaust, lowered suspension and think/new tyres be able to fishtail at 100km/h, keeping in mind a width of 2 lanes...
  5. F

    VT Digital Dash

    I hate the look of the analogue dash in a vt, so im thinking about experimenting with making it digital... so far the only thing i can think of to achieve this is to butcher a laptop running some kind of aesthetically pleasing dyno software ( no idea if this will work just a thought). But...
  6. 1dvsbstd

    1dvsbstd Holden commodore VT 98 !!

    Dear mods this is a double up can u please delete it cheers
  7. MotivationThoughts

    Interior Retrimmed

    Hey all, Thinking of getting my interior done. 99 VT Exec. Seats, Doors, Dash and maybe more. Thinking Red Leather, or Blue. Anyone knows prices?, Of all or just Seats? Difference between Leather and Vynal? Thanks Guys
  8. S

    VT Series II Modification

    Hi everyone. I am looking to purchase a few mods for my VTII V6 and I was wondering if anyone could post back with some helpful suggestions as to which particular part or brand best suits each category. The following type of mods will be bought and everyone's own personal opinion would be...
  9. B

    holden vt wont start

    hi well heres whats happening when i turn the key only the dash lights come on no sound in the engine bay but the ignition relay clicking but nothing else put a new starter moter in it new thing round ignition barrel where the key touches the imobilissor turns off when i unlock car and comes on...