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holden vy

  1. S

    Vacuum lines

    hi I have a 2003 wk statesman duel fuel. does anybody know how to change the vac line that goes from the boost actuator and goes down to behind the solenoid plug as it is hard to get to. I don't really want to take this to a mechanic just for some rubber hose and get charged like $100 any help...
  2. C

    vy commodore VS vs statesman

    Hi guys I'm very new so sorry if this is misplaced but I was looking on car sales and both a Vs statesman v6 and a vy v6 commodore (both ecotec) have almost identical kw stats 147 for vs 152 for vy that's not that great a number but I own both a vs statesman and a vy commodore and there is an...
  3. G

    anti theft bypass

    Hey all I really need some help atm. I have just finished a full conversion interior and motor of a vy ss crewman into my vt the problem is that I have lost the key is there any way I can bypass the security system so I can start it to get it to a mechanic I live 1 hr away from anything any...
  4. V

    Would converting my Holden VY S II from Automatic to Manuakl make a difference?

    Im planning on converting my vy s pac to a manual, would i gain more speed or be able to go faster by doing so? Also im planning on getting a new lsd diff
  5. H


    just bought a vy with just over 300thousand kms 1 owner serviced every 8thousand kms how many more kms should i get out of it?? no thrashing
  6. A

    [VIC] Vy ss foglights (genuine) suit vx vy vz ss s-pac sv6 v8 v6

    ITEM: VY SS FOGLIGHTS (GENUINE) SUIT VX VY VZ SS S-PAC SV6 V8 V6 LOCATION: VIC Western Suburbs 3021 CONDITION: Used (Great Condition) PRICE: $200 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup or Postage about 13 bucks PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer, cash, paypal...
  7. 6

    VY LPG PROBLEMS and aircon. !!!

    Hey all I have a Vy series 2 S 2003 model with dual fuel Sedan When i put the car on LPG and let it warm up a bit about 2miniutes with a bit of reving their is white smoke that comes from the car manifolds and first it appears to be only a little but then after 4 miniutes like this their is...
  8. V

    My Ride: VY Series II Exec

    Name: Cam Car: VY Series 2 Executive 2004 Colour: Quicksilver Engine: 3.8L Ecotec Auto. Intake: 2 Hole Airbox mod, cry if you will but the growl sounds quite decent. Exhaust: Stock headers (Not for long), Redback 2 1/2 inch catback, Twin Pipes. Wheels: 18" VE SV6 Alloys...
  9. A

    [VIC] VY Tail lights (Genuine) 120 bucks for the pair!

    ITEM: VY Tail lights (Genuine) (will fit VY Exec, SS, SV8, and VZ SS, SV6) they look brand new no damgae what so ever! LOCATION: VIC Western Suburbs CONDITION: Barely Used PRICE: $120 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM...