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  1. Wickham_1995

    Welcome to the thermostat club!

    Hey guys, Recently bought a 2018 Calais V with AWD LGX V6. Coming home from Melbourne last night, temperature gauge was working and noticed about an hour later that hit had dropped to '50' and never moved. Have the typical thermo fan run for about 5 minutes after shutdown and no A/C. Scanned it...
  2. P

    2.0 litre VN for auction in Australia!

    https://drivingenthusiast.com.au/2024/05/for-sale-1989-holden-vn-commodore-nz-spec-camira-2-0l-4cyl-engine/ This is one that I have been keeping an eye out for at the auction. Has anyone ever driven one of these 2.0-litre VNs? If so, how was it?
  3. Misschevy454

    VF SSV Ute sound system

    Hello All :) I’m a long time lurker and first time poster. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I did try look around. All my experience is with early Holden’s I’m a female spray painter - panel beater but only worked and owned on pre 1980’s mostly. I’m on my 2nd Ute had a nice VY now got...
  4. H

    LSD diff any good?

    Hi everyone, I’ve just gotten a marketplace 3.08 LSD diff for the VX as the one that’s in it now has definitely seen better days. I was wondering if there was a way to tell if the new lsd diff is any good before putting it into the car? Thanks everyone
  5. T

    Holden Prices, are they too high?

    Hey everyone, I’m curious as to what people think about the current prices for the VZ range mostly, I’ve been looking to buy a VZ SS MY06 for about 2 years now and they seem a bit high to me, frankly all the Holden prices seem too high but anyway, does anyone think that prices will go down...
  6. Moorman

    My VE - Advice

    Hi I joined just Commodores forum a couple of years ago when I bought a VT Berlina. I got into an accident and lost the car. A victim of neglect. I was really upset but now I have a VE Berlina 2006 Holden and I feel better. I would like to open this thread for you guys to help me with my car...
  7. MACE

    Celebrate the Season with MACE Engineering!

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  8. MACE

    MACE ENGINEERING GROUP - Closing the Year on a High Note!

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  9. MACE

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  10. MACE

    Holiday Season Update from MACE ENGINEERING GROUP

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  11. MACE


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  12. MACE

    Gear Up for Black Friday!

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  13. D

    2006 Holden Barina hatchback start/stalling

    Hi I've just bought a 2006 Holden Barina hatchback 5 speed manual everything was going good until this week I was parked in a car park to run in somewhere came back and the car won't start all the sudden it starts for not even a second like it's struggling to start but it wants to start I did...
  14. A

    Rattling noise 2006 vz

    Hi there, I have a commodore vz ( v6 ) 2006 & I just did timing chain & oil pump on it, after finishing the job it was running very smooth & quiet, as soon as i took it for test drive, I notice a rattling noise started coming & it goes worst when I accelerate. I need your help guys please. Is...
  15. H

    VX commodore starts sometimes

    Hey everyone. I put up a thread earlier about my VX V6 that only starts sometimes. It still has been happening after I have changed starter motor, relay, coils, leads, plugs and Egr module. For those of you who don’t know about this situation, I can start the car like normal. After starting and...
  16. me_like_fuelBurners

    warranty expires soon, here is my story...

    Decided i'd take my ZB RS V6 (75,000km on the clock) to the [formerly known as] Holden Service Centre near me for a final service before the warranty drops dead (i think the warranty expires in Nov 2023) And thank f*#k I did.... When I dropped the car off I let them know about a couple of...
  17. H

    Key removed but steering won’t lock?

    Hey everyone. I have a 2004 VY ss and I have noticed that the steering wheel won’t lock when the key is removed. On my VX it locks when the key is flicked all the way back. Could it be the ignition barrel? And if it is do you usually have to replace the whole thing? Thanks.
  18. M

    Central locking issues 4 dead doors locks with remote but lights flash boot opens. 3 button key vs v8 calais.

    Hi I have a vs calias v8 and sits for a long time. My 3 button key remote won't open the doors lights flash horn sounds once and no signs of movement. The key opens lock but does not trigger the other doors. It's as if all actuators have no power. When trying to lock or open the interior lights...
  19. H

    Transmission dipstick tube seal?

    Hey everyone. I had look under my car and there’s a good 2l of transmission oil on the ground. It appears to be leaking from the dipstick tube. Is there supposed to be an o ring or a rubber sleeve that goes on the dipstick tube? I’ve looked it up and there’s either an o ring or a rubber sleeve...
  20. C

    Show us your Diecast models! (The Ultimate Diecast thread)

    Thought I'll create a thread for people to show off their Diecast models/collections/builds Here is my best: 2004 VYII SS by AutoArt in Cosmo Purple, 1:18 scale, 1139/2000 ever made Note, this isn't my personal one pictured but looks like this... Sorry if I've got it in the wrong section...
  21. F

    Mylink buggy

    Hi all I have a 2014 Holden vf sv6 and when you connect your phone to Bluetooth the experience isn’t that great, either sometimes disconnects or when skipping tracks it just stops, the only way to fix it is to touch your phone. What can I do?
  22. Mward23

    [VIC] C5 corvette calipers fitted to vz ss

    Hey guys, Just purchased a set of brand new c5 corvette calipers. Wanting to put them on my vz ss Will they bolt straight up? What will I need to fit them I think an adaptor is required to fit them? Any insights would be good for anyone who has done it! Some photos attached of calipers.
  23. T

    VX Indicators don’t flash when unlocking/Locking?

    Hi everyone. I have a VX CALAIS INTERNATIONAL and it recently got broken into. The blokes broke some of the ignition barrel, fuses, relays etc. I replaced all the fuses and relays but the ignition barrel was still fine to use. I have noticed now that the indicators don’t flash at all when...
  24. C

    EV swapped VS Commodore?!

    Here is a very interesting VS Commodore Ute which has been converted to an EV :eek: It's also for sale but I believe it's an old listing, though it's still cool (and weird) https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/holden-commodore-906164
  25. C

    Did Holden lie about the power output for the LFX V6?

    I know the title sounds delusional and I don't really believe this claim either but I'm currently in a debate on the YouTube comments section where this guy is telling me that the LFX in the Commodores supposedly has 240kw like the Camaro, but Holden advertised it with 210kw to meet the...
  26. C

    How much power can you get out of a 304?

    We all know that the LS engines can hold a crazy amounts of power but I've always wondered how much power a 304 can take with stock internals?
  27. B

    Vz 2005 t56 manual transmission rebuild

    Hey everyone I have a 2005 vz gen 3 ls1 with the t56 manual transmission behind it, it is in need of a rebuild and there’s a lot of issues happening with it like jumping out of some gears grinding noise when being revved with foot on the clutch not in gear, input shaft has a lot of play and...
  28. H

    VS Commodore alternator warning lamp plug!!!

    Hi everyone. I’m just wondering where I can get a alternator warning lamp plug for my Holden VS 304! I need to know the name of the plug and available stores who sell them. I want one brand new so I can run new wires through. Thanks everyone
  29. C

    VZ Ute owner decides to put solar panels on their car, only to be fined by Police!

    This is pretty hilarious: https://7news.com.au/news/vic/man-driving-solar-powered-holden-commodore-fined-in-victoria-c-9809080 Whether the solar panels are functional or not is a different story...
  30. C

    Do Holden Utes drive differently to regular Commodores?

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for another car and I'm considering a manual Holden Ute... My question is whether these cars drive differently than a regular Commodore? As I know people who have had vans said that their cars would be more affected by cross winds than a regular car... Is this true...
  31. H

    Alternator wire replacement

    Hi everyone. I know I ask a lot of questions haha but this car has many problems that I need some help with. It’s a 1996 VS V8 304 Berlina. My wiring loom for the alternator and starter has been chopped and soldered poorly. The only affected wires are the alternator wire from the regulator too...
  32. H

    VS Commodore Voltage drop

    Hi guys. I have a 1996 VS BERLINA V8 and I have noticed a big voltage drop. On idle it stands at around 14.20V. With headlights on it drops down but comes back up to 14.20. But when I leave highbeams, headlights and A/C on it’ll drop down to 12.6-12.9v. I heard anything below 13.5 is not good...
  33. C

    The new rig

    Ever since I sold my 1000HP VY Ecotec which I acquired with $15,000 in the boot, I was looking for something smaller, more fuel efficient and luxurious while being very powerful... I was looking at everything from the new Rolls Royce Phantom to the Mitsubishi Mirage, but I decided that this 1988...
  34. C

    Is it just me or has JC been a little quiet lately?

    Is it just me or has Just Commodores been a little quiet lately?
  35. H

    Head gasket on its way out?

    Hi all, I have posted previously about my car issues and mechanic has now advises they suspect head gasket is on its way out Timeline: April - Temp gauge fluctuating - up to hot, back to normal then anywhere between normal and hot + fan on. Mechanic replaced thermostat and seemed to come...
  36. H

    VS Rear WheeL Allignment

    Hey everyone. I have a 1996 VS BERLINA IRS and I have noticed that the rear passenger wheel is a lot more “bent inwards”. What I mean is that the whole wheel is more on an angle then the other side. The car is booked in for a 4 wheel allignment since I have never done the rear only the front. My...
  37. X

    Running lean in 2008 VE commodore sv6

    Around the time I got my aftermarket empire performance muffler deletes put on I started getting codes on my obd2 scanner telling me that the car was running lean in both banks. this lean running can be noticed when driving in the normal shift drive with engine hesitation happening constantly...
  38. S

    Holden VY Engine Noise - Mechanic said to not worry about it but what do you think?

    Hi everyone, I am still driving my Holden VY Acclaim Station Wagon from 2003 and it has done me very well. But recently in the last 6-8 months I think, it has started to make this noise while the engine is warm. It is much louder when it is in Drive or Reverse...
  39. H

    VY 2004 SS Knocking

    Hi all. I have a 2004 VY SS and I have noticed that whenever I turn into a driveway or go over speed-bumps I hear a loud strong knocking noise. I can feel it in the steering wheel it’s pretty bad. I have changed the entire steering rack with brand new tie rod ends, SWAY BAR NOLATHANE D BUSHES...
  40. C

    Oddball VL Convertible for sale

    Hey guys, while looking through Carsales, I came across a VL Convertible which was made to showcase what a convertible Commodore would've look like and was used as a parade car for the Bridgestone Precision Driving team...