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    Will Honda euro seats fit holden vx help please

    Hi I'm new to forums and sorry if I have placed in the wrong area I have a set of Leather air bagged powered honda euro seats and i would like to have them modified to fit holden can some one help me I though I could remove the bottom bracket however the whole seat comes appart
  2. [Linkin Park]

    [NSW] 1994 EG4 Honda Civic Hatchback EFI

    SOLD. Please Delete SOLD Im not sure exactly what to but it has been sold please delete. sorry if im doing this wrong.
  3. $

    [VIC] 1987 Honda Accord Lxi 3dr Hatch (not running)

    ITEM: 1987 Honda Accord Lxi 3 Door Hatchback LOCATION: Ararat, Victoria (parked at my sisters, but has expired SA rego) YEAR: 1987 SERIES: Lxi 3 Door Hatch ENGINE: 2.0l EFI (120hp/89kw) (A20A4) TRANSMISSION: 4 Speed Automatic COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Generally in good condition...