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  1. S

    VT Horn

    Hi Guys new here.... My 1999 VT horn decided to go off by itself early hours of the morning, only way to stop it was taking relay out, put it back in Horn was still going off, Changed battery, horn relay and brought a new horn, as my fuses were burning out, horn starting going off again took...
  2. Z

    vy horn not working please help

    hi I have a 04 vy sII and the horn does not work at the button the fuse is fine and relay had a second hand clock spring put in out of a vx. the horn worked in that if I join the pins before the clock spring the horn goes of but then I reconnect the clock spring and try joining the horn wires...
  3. Davesumner

    VF2 SSV Redline - With Possibly the Lamest Horn on the Planet

    Apologies if this has already been discussed BUT, I have a week old SSV VF 2 Redline that I've now done 1100km in and the ONLY thing that lets the car down is that stupid Citroen Diane Horn, my pushbike has a louder bell than the horn on the car. I'm embarrassed to use it so I need to get it...
  4. 4

    VR V8 Cuts out when driving, horn beeps once and kicks in again

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, I have an issue with my 94' VR V8 Auto Berlina Sedan. It runs fine and then the motor will cut out and stall, it will crank but will not start again for anywhere between 2 to 40 minutes afterwards. After a stall a successful ignition will be accompanied by a single...
  5. N

    VT Commodore horn switch not working

    So I've had a bit of a look around and I can't seem to fins a solution for this, so I'm just going to ask. Pressing on my steering wheel doesn't sound the horn. The horn used to work when you pressed in a certain spot, but that doesn't work anymore. I've tried removing the screws at the back...
  6. danielnitschke

    VX Commodore - Fitted with Alarm?

    Hello Team, First post here. I own a 2002 VX Commodore Acclaim (Series II). I'm unsure if its fitted with an alarm, though it seems like it is. When the vehicle is locked and armed, interfering with the bonnet, doors, boot etc seems to trigger some sort of setting, where the blinkers...
  7. S

    VY Door locking beeping and central locking problem

    Hi, first time posting. I recently bought a 2004 VY Equipe (series 2) and everything was fine until a week later when upon locking with the remote, the car beeped 5 times. The problem became more constant and every morning I would have to sit in the drivers seat and push the lock knob up and...
  8. P

    Couple of little issues with my VZ

    Hey lads, Recently bought a 2005 VZ S ute and have a few little issues with it. Leak - If I'm driving around and then return home to park in the garage, there is a leak coming from the center of the engine which leaks for about 30mins and then stops. It is only water and I'm guessing...
  9. K

    Umm Where is my horn?

    Hey guys, My horn stopped working the other day and when i went to have a look i realised i have no idea where it is, could someone please tell me where to find it? i dont even know if its there or not. Thanks in advance
  10. B

    vs non airbag horn wiring

    so ive gotta get a roadworthy, changing the boss kit back to stock, except i think im missing a wire? i got the normal 2 wires from each horn buttong going into the connector, which has 1 purple wire going into the steering wheel, the square crimp one (earth i think) and im sure theres a wire...
  11. B

    Horn not working

    basically got to change back to original steering wheel for a roadworthy, non airbag and the horn wont work, works fine with the bosskit, but im confused how to get it to work on the old steeringwheel. theres only one wire from the horn buttons that connects into the little square, where do i...
  12. C

    help.. VC Commodore, Horn won't work

    When I press down on the steering wheel the horn won't work. I'm not sure what it is. I recently degreased the engine and washed it off with water which caused problems with the idle solenoid but that is all good now. Could it be an issue of water in the electrics? btw. its a vc commodore but...
  13. somefool

    Wiring an extra car horn

    Hello, went to the wreckers the other day and scooped a deeper toned car horn to add to my 91 vn. I am unsure about wether or not i can simply wire it up to the existing car horn in parallel - so i can get a dual tone honk happening :) The fuse for the horn is 15a so that allows for 180...
  14. bmarriott.live

    Vx Air Horn install

    just wanting some advice on where is the best spot to mount a Twin air horn on a vx series 1 and what the best way to wire it is, thanks in advance.
  15. dah_man_ben


    Hey everyone, How hard would it be to change a standard VY Berlina horn to one of the Calais/Statesman ones that sound more like a air horn... sounds heaps better. My bumper will be off soon when I get my car back and wanna know if its just a straight swap over. Thats if I can manage to get...
  16. V

    EMERGENCY! elec problem

    Hey guys, had my car detailed, and now the: horn, hazards and windscreen wipers don't work checked fuses seem to be alright any ideas? thanks in advance for your help!!! :D
  17. V

    Faulty VR horn

    I've recently bought a 93 VR executive and I am needing to run it through roadworthy soon but im having problems with my horn, it only seems to work when it wants to, Anyone had this problem? Also my electic mirrors won't work but im pretty sure the fuse in the control unit has blown, I am yet...
  18. speed__demond

    help with my siren wires

    ok i was thinking of getting a different horn as a second to the one i have but, i do have an old alarm set in the shed and it has a siren with it i know the black is ground and the red is 12v but how do i connect it to a switch with the last wire i think it activates when the last wire...
  19. R

    VR Executive horn wiring

    This is complicated: 1. My VR Executive does not have air bags. 2. I had horn problems and removed the horn button. 3. Two wires from the rear of the horn button disappaered into the steering column. 4. One of the wires became detached at a plug/socket connector and the wire disappeared down...