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  1. L

    How to upgrade my Holden commodore vp executive?

    Hey guys I wanna upgrade my vp don’t want to spend to much money at the moment I just wanna upgrade it’s performance a bit and have a bit of fun gotta start somewhere what do you guys recommend Thanks !!! **edit** Here is a photo 3.8l V6
  2. K

    3.6L sportswagon power?

    anyone have any ideas on how to push abit more power out of a 3.6L sidi sportswagon with out spending tones of money.
  3. S

    Ls1 compression

    Heyy all, I am looking to boost my compression right up to make a very tuff NA car, something like a sprint car engine. I have done the cam already with a custom grind cam shaft (unsure of specs) heads have been machined and all head work done! Car made 398hp atw Has anyone ever gone over...
  4. MattMonaroV2

    EXPERTS QUESTION: VZ Monaro, the boot is jammed, Fuel tank mounted behind rear seats & no keyhole

    This is a question that maybe even the most experienced Holden owners here may not be able to work out: A Quality Monaro VZ CV8Z (2005) with an immaculate Turismo Blue Paint Job is stopped on the side of the highway and the most gorgeous girl jumps out of the drivers seat quickly as if she was...
  5. I

    Muscle cars... vroom vroom

    Hey guys, What exactly fits the term 'Muscle car'? Does the car have to be from a certain era, have a minimum engine size, minimum HP, particular shape or even the number of doors etc? Cheers in advance!
  6. N

    WB 304 horsepower gains?

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice on setting up my 304 WB ute to lay a bit more power to the wheels. Currently sits around the 220rwhp with fresh rebuild, 10.1 compression & what seems to be a mild C.O.M.E cam & chip,Bluetops, standard inlet manifold. Custom Cold Air Intake/K&N hi flow ...
  7. V

    Need some power ! Help me?

    Hey everyone i got my VY sedan a few weeks ago and ive got some money together any tips on some things i could do to get some more power out of my car ? exhaust seems a good place to start but i was looking for some more ideas short of a turbo. Prices and or places in perth i should inquire...
  8. blindworld1

    good things to upgrade on VS

    Heyy, I been looking around for things to upgrade on my VS Berlina 95 model. I cant really find anything.. If someone could help me with some ideas or give me some links it would be greatly appreciated thanks