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  1. Silvernite2010

    Can anyone tell me what holden call these???

    Hi can anyone out there please help I have been trying to identifiy what holden have named the roof rack guides or a part number ( see pictures) as i am wanting to get a new set also there is a small vacum hose (see picture)on the front of the motor that i cant seem to get an answer to or part...
  2. N

    Radiator change issues - please help!!

    Hi, I've got a m8 putting in a radiator from a m8's crashed V8 VU (I think)6lt ute into my 5.0 VT SS. It doesn't have a fill cap on top of it, it looks to have fed from a reservoir only - where as mine had a reservoir bottle to the right of the radiator & a fill cap on top of radiator. We're...
  3. N

    [LS3] LS3 PCV Setup Advice

    Hi All, Does anyone have any advice on the PCV piping/hose setup on an LS3 dropped into an earlier model Commodore? I have my LS3 crate motor ready to drop into my VY SS Sedan, but can't find factory hoses that match the fitting locations on the engine. Have people made their own...
  4. J

    VL hoses / major fuel leaks

    Hey there. My VL was leaking fuel from the injectors, hoses and fuel pump.. And kept stalling. The last time I had it running it stalled every time I tried to accelerate. I pulled it apart to do injectors, and realized all the hoses are still original (they're all cracked) I know it's a big job...
  5. I

    VZ SV8 Heater tap, forgot where the hoses go...

    i just replaced the heater tap and forgot which way the hoses went back in, can someone please tell me which one goes on either "A" or the "B" side cheers. :embarrass:embarrass:embarrass
  6. A

    Advice neeeded :)

    Hi there, I'm usually pretty good with with mechanical things but im just not to sure about this one. I have a power steering leak coming from the HP hose, im thinking that the O rings have gone and thats the reason. Would i be best trying to replace them myself or just take it to...
  7. L

    VS Leaking coolant?

    I have a 97 VS that had a small coolant leak, so i changed the radiator and the gaskets and checked all the hoses, i haven't replaced the hoses but they dont seem to be cracked or anything. then when i put it back together its started to leak more from a different area? Any ideas where the leak...
  8. F

    Heater core reroute

    Hi guys, Can someone please let me know if this is an acceptable reroute of the heating hoses, (due to a leaking core). I've run the car for 15min or so and it doesn't seem to have any problems.. If there are any negative drawbacks from this I'd really like to know. :) Cheers,
  9. M

    Help req'd ~ Vacuum Hoses VS Commodore

    I have just replaced my intake manifold gaskets. Whilst removing the intake manifold I removed a vacuum hose from the rear of the engine from a small electrical component. The hose was fed thru the top of the intake manifold and ended up at the drivers side front going into an emission control...