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  1. L

    Hot Battery

    Just got back from a 2 hour run in the V8 SSV and disconnected the battery (as I always do to stop it going flat) and the battery was very hot to the touch. I'm guessing that's not normal. Battery is pretty much brand new and voltage on display seems normal.
  2. Wheatley098

    HVAC Actuators help

    Good afternoon all Commodore VE SSV 2009 Ute First off I know this has been posted twice but I believe my issue is different somehow I started off with having an actuator fault because my car would stay on "Face" when I selected "Feet" so I knew one if them was at fault Upon changing over...
  3. H

    Hot Start Cylinder Misfire

    Hey Folks, Seems i'm encountering an issue with my Vz (6 cylinder 175 kw), i'm getting a cylinder misfiring/locking out under very specific circumstances. On a cold start, car runs fine and will run fine indefinitely. However, do a trip and leave the car to rest for 10 minutes, turning on the...
  4. mohamedelkady

    VZ damaged radiator cap side-effect?

    Hi, I have a commodore/lumina VZ with a damaged rubber seal in the water cap. the water inside the engine levels down regularly, However, the water level in the reservoir tank levels up! Two days ago the engine got hot suddenly. I checked the reservoir tank, the water was almost full but in...
  5. C

    VS Berlina 3.8L Massive Problems

    Serious issues with my car lately. Driving home about a month a go and it stalled 4 times in the space of 15 minutes. Managed to just start each time I rolled to the side and got it going. So it'll start if it's cold, but if it's been running for about 15 minutes, it won't start back up. It...
  6. danielnitschke

    Broken Thermostat?

    Hey Guys, My VX Acclaim 2002 Series II has been doing something that worried me at first. Was randomly driving and got the beeping frantically and 'hot!!!' on the dashboard display, looked at the thermo gauge and it was just below the redline level. Pulled over and turned the car off...
  7. I

    My car turns into a sauna.... Excessive heat inside cabin.

    Hi all, I've got a problem with my VT S2 clubby where the inside of the car (the cabin) gets really hot just as if you were sitting in a sauna. Yep great in winter, not so good in summer I can feel alot of heat coming from the gearbox and the areas around it eg under the power window...
  8. speed__demond

    water temp 304?

    okay, so my stock guage sits at 1/4 at full temp. that's all well and good, however... when I put my au thermos on I installed a top hose sensor to an aftermarket guage. it reads normal temps and slowly rises until it tops out at about 120C is that a bit high?? also could be hotter as the...
  9. M

    Vt coolant problem broke down

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 commodore vt and a few days ago the gearbox died in the middle of nowhere had to drive it 150k to a garage. It drove fine but when I went to start it up an hour after driving that far the temp started going up to nearly fully hot then down again. I got a tow and got the...
  10. moocow

    Freshly rebuilt cammed engine runs hot

    Hey guys, I just did a top end rebuild and installed a lumpy cam and my heads were worked on while I had them out. While the engine runs pretty much perfectly, it gets excessively hot and I can't think why. I flushed the coolant and oil systems. I put anti freeze and anti boil coolant in...
  11. N

    Overheating - is it the head gasket?

    I have a 1998 Holdon Commodore executive V6 automatic and a few weeks ago all of a sudden after driving for 5 minutes the dashboard light up and read hot and the temperature gauge had shot right up. We pulled over straight away and got towed to a garage where they pressure tested the radiator...
  12. Christinkler13

    Chris' VZ Calais

    Model: 2005 VZ Calais Color: Vespers Blue Transmission: 5 Speed Auto Odo: 180xxx Current Mods: - None! Future Mods: - Extractors back exhaust system (2 1/4's the way to go isn't it?) - 2 hole mod with MCAI - Possibly change the stock Calais rims to 18" SSV rims - Interior light...
  13. P

    Vn s1 being a #### to get into gear when it's warm

    Willl go into any gear fine when cold, eg I leave home drive 20 mins tO work and as soon as I stop the car it's near impossible to get any gear , I've been told it could be the clutch plate? anyone got any idea what it could be? Cheers
  14. C

    3rd Radiator in 6-8 months! no warning, just pops HELP!

    Hi Guys, Im sure this hasn't been posted, as i have looked everywhere! ok so over the last 8 or so months, my 96 VS Commodore Acclaim has had some cooling issues. first time - driving for about 10 mins, car temp gauge went all the way up to H, very fast. then as quick as it went up, it...
  15. P

    VX Heating Issue

    Hi all, im a newbie here as of today however have been reading posts and forums for a little while especially since getting the issue I have now. Ok long winded story coming up now. I have a VX II wagon, I know stuff all about cars except this week, I have learnt sooooo much thanks to all...
  16. K

    Just stops???????

    Hi guys My VX Wagon just stops while driving in hot days. During last week never stopped because of friendly whether. even I drive it regularly around 100ks. But week before last week It stopped about about 20 times in 10ks. Actually while driving its motor just stops, you pull it inside...
  17. BigBoss

    Keeping My Ride Cool

    Hey All, So in the summer my black Omega gets real hot sitting at uni all day. Besides from a tint and those silver sun reflectors are there any tips or gadgets I could use to stop her from getting to hot? Thanks
  18. thetriksta99

    5L running too hot after cam installed??help

    i have installed a crane stage 3 blue racer cam in my vs commy which has no other internal mods, but has pacys, full exhaust. i have had the haltec interceptor installed to allow tuning and to increase rev limiter, it has been dynoed and tuned by a professional but still runs hot just cruising...
  19. C

    Leaking boot

    I have noticed whenever I open my boot, water drips out and sinks into the back. My spare has become all rusted and useless. Would this be an issue with seals in the boot? *also my car has started to overheat often. What would potential causes of this be? Any assistance is appreciated.
  20. Scido

    VQ 5L starting problems when hot.

    I know this is probably a fairly common occurrence but i cant find anything with the search tool for a 5L. So the deal is the VQ wont start when its hot, its really slow to turn over like the battery hasn't got much power or something. Replaced the battery, alternator and starter motor...
  21. VK SL 3800

    Vk Cooling Issue

    My 202 with the est is having a lot of trouble holding a consistent temperature, during the winter months its fine and always holds the exact same spot on the gauge not matter how you drive. But now that its summer it can usually hold the same temp around town without the AC going but with it on...
  22. hwy747

    Temporary work car ... AMG SLK55....

    MY work has been running an in house promo for the past three months, and the winner nationally has their usual work car (VZ Wagon) replaced for a month with something a little faster, a little lower and a little louder!! A black AMG SLK55. I am a Holden boy to the bone, don't get me wrong...
  23. atm_13

    1999 Red VT HSV XU6 Superchraged

    Car: 1999 Holden VT HSV XU6 Colour: Red Motor: 180i Supercharger V6 Wheels: 18" HSV Senator Rims Fully Standard except CD Player, and Wheels.