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hq kingswood

  1. I

    HQ/HZ project

    Hi guys At the moment im looking at buying a hq/hz as a project car, and I was wondering if you guys could give me some ideas on which to choose, and an engine, gear box, diff ect to go into towards the finished product. at the moment i'm leaning more towards the HZ and a pretty simple...
  2. Morton

    Morton's 1972 HQ Kingswood

    It appears I have purchased another car! A 1972 HQ Kingswood. One lady owner from 1972 to 2009, who then sold it to a wrecker where it was saved by the bloke who sold it to me! He didn't even drive the car, he had it towed to his house :p Set me back $1600 all up, with a full tank of petrol...