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  1. B

    VE SS Full Exhaust / Fault Codes

    Hi everyone, Trying to decide what exhaust to go with for a 2008 VE SSV. My first preference would be a full engine back system with headers, high flow cats and cat back, however my main concern is whether this will cause fault codes to appear. I've tried asking several exhaust shops and I...
  2. C

    Exhaust help please easy answer but I don't know

    So I know there's helps of threads on this but none are clear on what I want so it's come done to this I have a sv6 ve ute 08 so non sidi I know people will be like dont waste money n that but what is best a full redback exhaust or a full hurricane exhaust please help will mean a lot!
  3. lclynch

    VE SV6 Exhaust

    Hi guys I just got a set of Hurricane sports mufflers and quad tips put on my ute, though its still not loud enough. The guy who did it told me "if you want it louder, come back and we will cut out the rezonator's. Im thinking of doing this but i was wondering, will this upset the back...

    VT hurricane extractors installed, bad noise?

    Hey all, Just got extractors on the car, great new sound and the power is definately noticeable.(VT V6) $500 for hurricane extractors supplied and installed. One thing i noticed is there is more noise coming from the front of the car (sounds like air circulating), but also a bit like a...