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  1. J

    VK Getrag 290 pedal box??

    Hi guys in need of advice / assistance! I've pulled out the efi 202 in my VK and have sourced a 304 from a VS series III with a getrag 290. Just wondering what you guys think about pedal boxes? I have the pedal box from the VS and I've heard they're worth a heap of $$ Has anyone tried...
  2. B

    VH Comodore 308 Clutch Cable to Hydraulic Conversion

    Hi, I was hoping to get some advice. I have a hit a bit of a road block with the clutch setup on my VH. Engine is setup up to run a Ford 4-speed Top Loader (I know its a Ford, but they are near bullet proof), with an Exedy race clutch setup. Throw out fork and bell housing I have is for a...