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  1. L

    vt l67 iac valve

    hey guys i have a vt 3.8s factory (l67) my iac valve has chucked it in however i have tried to install 2 new ones but everytime i start the car the pindle extends all the way and falls out.then the next time i go to start the car it can't get any air flow to crank over. lost for ideas accept for...
  2. L

    No signal to iac valve

    have just converted my vs clubby to manual and have a 355 stroker in it with a manual loom and computer from a vn ss . It has a high idle and I’ve found there is no signal or power to my iac valve. Probed at both the connector and pcm. Any idea what to check next ??? Or what powers those wires...
  3. F

    strange idle

    Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm kind of new here I have a series 1 vt v6 commodore, factory manual A few weeks ago I had genie extractors installed with a high flow cat and a 2 and a quarter inch catback exhaust, ever since then I've had a problem where when I put the clutch in...
  4. W

    Cleaned my idle air control, now there is a buzz when i turn the ignition on???

    Hey, i cleaned out my throttle body (while attatched) with carbi cleaner and paper towel, it was really black, and also pulled off my IAC and cleaned the hell out of that too.. I only let it dry for a few minutes and then put it back on.. Then went to start my engine, turned on the ignition and...
  5. stockyvrcalais

    VR V6 strange idle

    Hi all, been a long time reader but this is my first post, have an issue with my VR V6 calais, when on idle it sometimes idles high, sometomes low, when i turn on the a/c the idle goes up to around 1800 rpm, when i take it out of gear (auto) instead of revs rising slightly, they drop! I have...