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  1. VRtoVStoVX

    Hi, first post. I'm trying to identify a wheel.

    First off, I've had Google send me here plenty of times for all kinds of questions relating to my cars and I've always found an easy to follow text or video guide showing someone who's not too great with cars like me exactly what I needed to do to fix the problem I was having. Just searching...
  2. J

    How to identify VE Sportswagon Transmission

    Hi guys, I am wondering how can you actually confirm with a 2010 VE Sportswagon Series 2 what the actual transmission is whether it is 4 speed or 6 speed? And which is better? Going to look at one later today. Cheers.
  3. F

    where is that thread with....

    all the specs for ''how to id an ex cop car''namely a VS.. it had a list of points to look for when investigating if the purchase is a ex cop or civi car. Things like the SS interior, dash differences, id tag info, sump plate n tank plate etc etc. If I recall the thread said something...