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idle problem

  1. M

    VE Dedicated LPG Idle Issue

    Hi All Wondering if anyone can help. I have a 2013 VE Wagon Series 2 with factory dedicated gas 144,000km Having an issue with it’s idle, engine light coming on at times and showing stability control fault. Put on the scanner and showed fault cyclinder 2. Check spark plug which was broken so...
  2. D

    VP SS surging/hunting idle after rebuild new 260 Cam

    Hi All I have a VP SS which has been recently rebuilt using a spare VS Stato V8 which was rebuilt with Flattop pistons we added a 4001 Crow Cam which is advertised as [email protected] or real [email protected] LCA 112 This has been a bit of a project and not many parts were in working condition so I would say...
  3. D

    Wh statesman idle problem, tried a lot of things, please help.

    I have a wh 02 statesman spercharged v6 and have replaced plugs, leads, coil packs+controller, cam angle sensor, iac valve, tps sensor, o2 sensors, fuel pump, injector clean, intake and head gaskets, compression 155-165, runs much better but little or no change in idle miss, not on one cylinder...
  4. R

    3.8 Lt Ecotec Idle Problems

    I have 1997 VS Commodore Ute with 3.8 Ecotec and it idles rough, but it like idles like its cammed or shaking side to side not badly. But enough to notice any ideas on how to fix it?? feel free to comment anything that you think will help and any recommendations on a few things to help the old...
  5. N

    VX SS Manual, Revs drop to almost stall when disengaging clutch while driving

    Hey guys, seems I've got a problem with the old girl, when driving along, any time i put the clutch in, the revs drop to an almost stall, jump a bit and then and then gradually struggle back up to idle, this seems to happen pretty much any time i take load off the engine, any suggestions? Cheers :)
  6. LostPup

    to anyone who knows about what happens when VR Engine mounts go.

    i'm almost at the ropes end with this car, i know the engine mounts the right hand is stuffed the left is on it's way out they're both sagged. someone mentioned to me when i was trying to figure out what the sound i was hearing coming from the engine/gearbox when the car idled. mentioned that...
  7. K

    VP V8 surging while idiling and running terrible until the engine is warm

    First time post and have found much help with my VP V8 on these forums....so in advance, thank you for everyone sharing their knowledge on here! I have a 1992 VP V8 SS Commodore with a 304 stock engine and 4 speed automatic gearbox. The issue that I have is when I started my car after work...
  8. C

    VX dual fuel playing up

    2001 VX dual fuel. Lpg was not factory fitted. Auto 6cyl. Running ok then latly started cutting out while driving. Usually when revs are low or when taking off. Dash board lights up then either goes away and runs normaly or will turn off completly. Lights and everything. Will go pop bonet...
  9. M

    Vs v6 engine problem

    Hey guys My brother in laws vs has been acting up recently. He went to start it the other day. It turned over and then made a popping sound and stalled. It eventually started but he had to drive like a granny to get it home because of a rough idle. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  10. G

    VR With 3.9L (bored) VY ECOTEC V6

    Has anyone done an ECOTEC conversion into a VR Commodore, running the VR wiring and chip? Basically, I've had 4 motors in the car now (due to 2 VR motors throwing bearings on me, and having NOT been hammered, as well as the original motor having big-ends thrown when I purchased the car)...
  11. V

    adjusting revs and special mode on the cluster

    hey i was wondering if anyone knew how to adjust the idle revs because my car is idleing way to low and is really rough also i was wondering how to get the different mode on the cluster because my mate has a VT 99' and he can make his cluster show different stats like digital speed and...
  12. B

    Vn idle problem

    I recently baught a 5 speed manual vn, the other day i pulled out the belmouth restricter out of the manifold ever since then my car has been idling at 1000rpm can anyone tell me anything about it if they know thanks.