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idle rough

  1. Ndurry

    Ve rough idle in reverse gear

    Hi guys, not sure how common or complex of an issue this could be but my 07 lumina has started to vibrate quite heavily in idle. It gets particularly worse in reverse and spikes when I turn the steering wheel. Hoping someone can shed some light on what could be the issue? I've added a video to...
  2. T

    Knocking and Rpm needle bouncing issues

    Hi all I have a vy 2003 Ecotec,v6 auto with 240000 on the clock. Just wanting some assistance.. iv come across an irregular clunking/knocking rattle noise from the engine bay but only when accelerating, when the rpms are at around 1200-3000 rpms and causes the car to shudder/surge and lose a...
  3. M

    VE Dedicated LPG Idle Issue

    Hi All Wondering if anyone can help. I have a 2013 VE Wagon Series 2 with factory dedicated gas 144,000km Having an issue with it’s idle, engine light coming on at times and showing stability control fault. Put on the scanner and showed fault cyclinder 2. Check spark plug which was broken so...
  4. B

    VN Rough idle

    Hi, have a VN Holden 3.8 v6,had a slight ticking noise that I put down to a sticking lifter, well the other day I went to start it and it just went clank clank, wouldn't turn over, so charged the battery, still the same, took out the starter and tested it, all ok, got back under and turned the...
  5. R

    Rough Idle and Start Issue, My approach!

    Hi all interested forum members. Just before i get started I have read through lots of info about my VY berlina both on here and online. The community support from this forum is by far the best by far so thanks everyone. I decided against creating a large post re all my issues and what i...
  6. K

    VP V8 surging while idiling and running terrible until the engine is warm

    First time post and have found much help with my VP V8 on these forums....so in advance, thank you for everyone sharing their knowledge on here! I have a 1992 VP V8 SS Commodore with a 304 stock engine and 4 speed automatic gearbox. The issue that I have is when I started my car after work...
  7. capsey7

    Rough Idle 2001 V6 VU

    As the title says i have a rather rough idle. The revs seem to sit on a constant 700-750. I have recently replaced sparks and air filters. If anybody has any idea as to why the idle is so rough, i figured somebody else on here has to have had this problem could you please help.
  8. H

    VT Calais Engine Turning Off

    Hi, I am having a problem with my VT Calais's engine randomly turning off and not starting again for a while. All the electronics stay on when this happens and when I try to start it again I can hear the starter motor trying to start but that's all. Also, the car seems to rev roughly every...
  9. C

    Engine problems

    Hi, have a 99 v6 Berlina. Having engine problems and no mechanic has a clue. Replaced the big end bearings and the lifters came loose so got them replaced after a little while. Before the lifters were done we were having power issues (no grunt) and shuddering at idle or low speeds. Was told it...
  10. S

    Vr runs like junk

    Hi, feedback is appreciated. With my VR V6, recently it seems to idle a bit rough, there was a miss but it seems to have been fixed with new leads and plugs, it still idles rough when its warm and when I am braking heading toward traffic lights or whatever it sometimes stalls when almost...