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  1. J

    SV6 won’t idle

    So, bought my sv6 last month. (It is a 3.6 LLT SIDI) (Also sorry for long thread but I thought the backstory was needed) Had it for a couple weeks then noticed a rattling sound, took it straight back to the dealership from which I had bought it. Their mechanic later said that it was the...
  2. MissKaos

    Rough Idle

    Hey. I'm a bit of a noob on here :p I have a 2003 VY. Having major issues with it running rough as guts. When it sits idling, the revs fluctuate between 500rpm and 1000rpm and the car shakes badly. To the point it feels like it's going to stall, also does it when I reverse. And feels like it has...
  3. V

    Vy idle 1200-1400 Rpm

    After changing the plugs in my 04 series II vy ecotec the idle sits at about 1200-1400rpm and when the aircon is on goes down to about 1100 rpm however it occasionally surges to 2500rpm and sits there until the car is restarted, is it just a vac leak or could there be more to it.
  4. Chipz

    VZ SS decelerate stall(rpm drop)

    Hey all I can not work out what is going on with my car and need as much advice and suggestions as I can get! My 5.7 Crewman Auto has all of a sudden desided it wants to have a drop in rpm below idle every time i get off the gas and can stall because of this. When it does the "decel rpm drop" it...
  5. Z

    Starting Issues.... Again!

    This post is hopefully not similar to any others! None have helped me so far unfortunately. Problem Car has trouble starting after not being run for a while (maybe flooded?). Cranks for 12-15 seconds before turning over. On the occasion it feels like it might even stall! Plus, today for the...
  6. K

    2008 VE - Idle/starting issues.

    Hey guys, Hoping to wrack someone’s brain. Have a 2008 VE (60th Anniversary) which threw the check engine light about a week and a half ago, threw the scanner on it and it gave me both P2187 & P2189. Cleared both the codes, however they haven’t come back yet (though haven’t driven it much...
  7. Chipz


    G'day all, I have a problem with my VZ ss crewman 5.7 Auto (trans cooler, built auto, stall converter, Hiflow intake airbox, cammed, full exhaust, maffless tuned). When stepping off the gas (more so at lower speeds/revs around town) it wants to stall as in when stepping of the gas instead of...
  8. G

    VY Berlina V6 Rev and idle rough

    Back again. The car is idling rough and revving rough. VY Berlina series 2, V6 Auto, petrol When stationary in Drive, it idles at about 1500-2000rpm and essentially takes off on its own, even on small slopes. When in Park, it idles at 2000-2500rpm. Revs don’t drop much when slowing down...
  9. W

    VZ Rough Idle on Warm start

    Hi all, This one sounds like a bit of an oldie but a goodie. I've got a 2004 VZ SS ute 5.7 LS1, you all know the one. It's got a VCM performance intake (so no MAS) and makes noise but doesn't go anywhere quick. Starts fine cold, when you start it warm later in the day 15 min 30 min whenever...
  10. Y

    Idle relearn vy ecotec 3.8

    Hi everyone, as the title implies I'm wondering what the idle relearn procedure is for a 3.8 litre VY. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance, Gus
  11. bns_vs_ute3885

    Ticking noise

    G’day, About a week ago I had the head gaskets on my vs ute replaced. Since then it’s been making a tickatickatick sound on idle and up to about 45km/r. Doesn’t seem to be affecting performance at all, just curious as to what it could be. Didn’t make this noise before the gaskets were fixed...
  12. R

    Hunting idle

    Hey guys Some info on the car in question: 95 VS commodore, manual, l67 conversion + mods. The issue: Just wondering if anyone would have any idea on where or what to look at that would cause my car to hunt at idle. It is probably the reason my car also has a DTC 76. I've searched for vacuum...
  13. G

    2014 VF Stalling when driving

    I have a 2014 VF commodore sv6 redline that has developed a rough idle and is now stalling when driving on the road. it only seems to stall when hot or after driving for about 20+ minutes. Has anyone else come across this problem? looking to take it to Holden in the near future... expensive as...
  14. Z

    VZ Calais Alloytec Surging, Rough Idle issues

    Hi, I’ve been a long-time reader, but this is my first post! Hoping someone can help me out! I have a small but annoying issue with my 2005 VZ Calais alloytec. I got it in mid 2015 and I love it. Since getting it, I noticed it surges every now and then (usually under load). When starting up...
  15. ReaperTBS

    Wobbling Harmonic Balancer - 2010 Calais V

    Hey all, Just wondering - it's not yet been 30 days since i got my Calais from a dealership, and have noticed some issues. I figured driving it for a week and keeping an ear/eye out for some stuff would be advisable, and then i could call them back to have them fix whatever ridiculous issues...
  16. Seanssv08

    Air con and temp sensor not working

    Gday i have had this issue for a couple months but since few days ago is now happening almost everyday. I have "contact dealer" followed by "serive" coming up. Ive noticed when this happens the air con isnt cold/working just blowing air and also the water temperature gauge isnt working..this...
  17. N

    Alloytec rough idle after timing chain replacement

    2006 VZ with Alloytec engine, purchased as DOA, the crankshaft gear was spinning inside the chain basically. Replaced the chains and guides , tensioners etc put it all back together and it ran fine for a little while (2 hours running). At this point the engine will start and run but will not...
  18. S

    Questions about MY15 V VF Calais

    Hi all, Just picked up a second hand MY15 V VF Calais V6. I'm loving it after driving a Saab 9-3 and Magna. I just have a few questions about this car: 1) There is a slight fluctuation in the rpm at idle even after the car has warmed up. The fluctuation is around 20 rpm. When I'm at the...
  19. Sean08ssv

    High idle cold start

    Hey guys wondering if anyone can help. Not sure if related but i got my alternator replaced couple weeks ago as i had alternator warnings on dash etc..problem is fixed althou after a couple days when starting my car first thing in the morning and leaving work the idle has been sitting between...
  20. R

    3.8 Lt Ecotec Idle Problems

    I have 1997 VS Commodore Ute with 3.8 Ecotec and it idles rough, but it like idles like its cammed or shaking side to side not badly. But enough to notice any ideas on how to fix it?? feel free to comment anything that you think will help and any recommendations on a few things to help the old...
  21. R

    Transmission Problem

    Hello just seeking some general direction. My VX v6 auto transmission has began making its changes at about 2600 rpm. Obviously high. Driving in 60 k zone, I cant get out of second gear, or im speeding. Also have a high idle issue. Done a fault code test and it pointed to the throttle...
  22. S

    Vs ute ecotec losing its idle when cold

    Hello. My vs ute has been causing me a bit of pain lately. Okay, so when i start it up in the morning it sits just above stall (maybe 4 300-500rpm). By the time i back out of my shed it holds its idle but sounds like its pulsating, I have cleaned the throttle body, replaced crank angle sensor...
  23. danbran

    help, dodgy vs ecotec idle

    it fails to drop back down to its usual idle, its a pain because it likes to sit between 2000rpm-1300rpm, sometimes it is normal but not often. with a massive rev up to nearly redline it will drop back down to normal idle speed but i dont like doing it. To me it sort of sounds like a leak...
  24. CommodoreHero

    VY S2 HBD LS1 AUTO BERLINA Serious idle issue and false MIL

    Hay Guys I own a vy S2 LS1 Auto Berlina and I'm having real bad idle issues. When I start the car it's fine. Idles great. Once it warms up you can hear a small miss. But get in and drive it it goes away. BUT Stop at a set of lights or come to a complete stop then it will idle like a...
  25. Bronson3

    VT Commodore, Struglle Startup, Idles Dropping, Electrical Indicator

    So I have a few rusty problems with my VT: Never starts up first go when cold, ALWAYS starts the second go. BUT! Sometimes starts up and will conk out. Then I start it again and it's 100% fine. When it has started, the idle is fine, then it shudders and drops fairly low, but when in motion...
  26. P

    VU v6 manual missing?

    Don't know exactly how well the video will go. My most irritating issue here is the noise at the tailpipe. I have spent a few weeks and $$ chasing this down and am fast running out of ideas. New parts: Plugs Leads LIM gasket and all gaskets before it (blown out around cylinders 4 and 6) Exhaust...
  27. J

    VG/VN v6 auto stalling at idle/full lock...running out of options

    Hey, been trawling threads for a few weeks now and having similar problems to a lot of people but no solution yet 3.8L v6 VG auto ute idle in drive, overdrive and reverse is intermittent and will conk out when slowing to a stop, doesnt have any dramas idling in park also conks out in full...
  28. F

    V6 running rough, cold, lacks power

    Hi everyone, My VT V6 commodore runs really rough at idle, lacks power, runs cold, and uses excessive fuel. I've changed the plugs and leads, it doesn't have a fault code flashing, I'm wondering if anyone knows what it could be? Thanks.
  29. speed__demond

    304 10.5 comp and crow 4761 cam idle and power issues

    hey all, got the new motor in this weekend (finally) just a few minor problems. I hav to turn the idle cable up so it idles at 1000-1100 so it wont stall.. also its pretty gutless really... could this all just be the timings off? I have to get hold of a timing light so I thought id hit up...
  30. speed__demond

    304 manifold change, high idle??

    okay so had a vac leak so I changed the manifold gaskets, car drives okay a little rough, but not too bad. ..but when in park or neutral it idles at about 1800, could this be from the manifold cleaner I sprayed out the tb with? or do I have another problem?? I was gunna see what it does...
  31. F

    strange idle

    Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm kind of new here I have a series 1 vt v6 commodore, factory manual A few weeks ago I had genie extractors installed with a high flow cat and a 2 and a quarter inch catback exhaust, ever since then I've had a problem where when I put the clutch in...
  32. speed__demond

    304 manifold leak? 304

    hey all my car (vs 304, duel fuel) has a flat spot when accelerating harsh and runs rough when accelerating normaly, the idle also changes between 600-800 every 10 or so seconds. I tried the wd40 trick around the manifold/injectors and the idle did change, either dropping 100 or raising 100...
  33. O

    Weird idle changing between D and R

    Well I've done lots of reading over the past 1-2+ months about a weird running / idling issue with my 1996 V6 VS Commodore. I have replaced (with new genuine parts): - Both oxygen sensors - TPS - IAC valve - Spark plugs - Ignition leads - Fuel filter - Air filter - Swapped coil packs...
  34. R

    VR Transmission fault & flat spot! Urgent need help!

    Hey guys, im having a few problems with my VR at the moment. I'm a 1st year apprentice mechanic so obviously i don't know everything there is about engines just yet. I do know the basics though.. Anyway the problems are, 1) I've got a flat spot just as i go to take off or when i rev it...
  35. K

    Stroked VY idling rough and backfiring.

    Hi All, I own a 2002 VY SS that just recently got some work done to it. I got it stroked to 383 with cam, stally, new tranny, extractors,new exhaust and so on.. At the moment it is playing up. It has been backfiring and missing. I had changed the spark plugs, installed one new coil pack that...
  36. N

    VZ idles when cranked but won't run

    So my VZ wouldn't run this morning. At first I thought it was being funny because of the cold weather but it just wouldnt run. It would idle if i held the key in the crank position but as soon as I let the key go back to run it would cut out. I tried this a few times, but couldnt get it working...
  37. C

    VT SS Stalls on Idle when Hot

    Hey Guys I would presume this has been asked somewhere in here but I can't find it. I have a VT SS that I have just bought, all running great, problem now is that when its running at full temp (so over about 80 degrees) it stalls when its in idle (1st, Neutral, Reverse). When its NOT hot it...
  38. speed__demond

    vr v6 wont start then runs like crap

    Hey I have a vr v6 it was fine. Then all of a sudden wouldent fire up. I finally got it going and it was running like **** down the road. The idle was all over the joint. ive searched the forumsand cant find anything
  39. Vxcalaisv8

    Ls1 VX Calais high idle on startup.

    Hey guys. Today when i started up my Calais it climbed to 2000rpm on idle. Clunked when it went into D but then the idle went back to normal. Has been doing it all day. Any ideas on what it could be? It has a shift kit and mafless tune
  40. D

    vr blowing excessive black smoke

    Ok so I had the car at the mechanics to have the trailing arm bushes done.. I've got it back blowing a **** load of black smoke, idle is going mental, too high, then crashes and stalls.. it used half a tank to drive 32ks.. it didn't do this before it went in there and they had no need to touch...